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Published February 8th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

1/18 Rheem Blvd
1/19 Moraga Way
1/19 Paseo Bernal
1/24 location not listed
1/24 Center Street
1/25 location not listed
1/27 Del Monte Way
1/27 location not listed
1/28 Kent Court

1/17 Larceny
A female fitness buff lost the contents of her ladies' room locker at a local gym. Exercising an ounce of prevention, she provided police a description of a likely subject seen lurking earlier. Concord police had already recovered some stolen items.

1/19 Traffic Accident
Reports say a 97-year-old female driver was involved in a "solo vehicle collision with a tree with unknown injuries" at Moraga Road near Rheem Boulevard. The report says the woman had just left a gas station. MOFD treated the driver at the scene for a cut finger. City workers may have been called later to treat the tree for... a broken limb?

1/21 City Ordinance
A young Moraga resident was enjoying a loud and unruly party with 25 to 30 others while celebrating her 21st birthday. What a surprise. After police advised her of the town's Loud Party Ordinance she send everyone home (bummer). And they all slept happily ever after...

1/22 DUI
Suspicious vehicle on Fernwood Drive: check. Police involvement: check. Driver attempting to flee the scene after collision with an innocently parked vehicle: check. Sobriety test performed: check. DUI: of course. The driver was processed, cited and released.

1/23 Domestic dispute
Police responded to reports of an out-of-town husband and wife fighting in their car near Moraga Liquors. No battery charges were filed, and both parties agreed to separate for the night.

1/24 Larceny
Police who stopped two females for speeding learned they had also stolen $500 worth of infant formula from Safeway. The milk filchers were arrested, cited and released. A passenger was not so lucky - he/she was arrested for an outstanding warrant and taken to county jail. The milk was returned to its rightful store owner, presumable before its expiration date.

1/26 Larceny
A Moraga resident notified police of the theft of four passports and one birth certificates from a locked mailbox. Does someone want badly to move to Canada?

1/26 Suspicious Circumstances
A Saint Mary's College worker reported three suspicious phone calls saying the SMC men's basketball team needed to make baskets or people would be hurt. Moraga police responded and checked the area. They found no problems and the game ended peacefully. Net zero, you might say.

1/20 Residential Burglary: missing property not detailed
1/20 Vehicle larceny:
black bag stolen
1/27 ID Theft:
Phone report taken.
1/27 Bench warrants
Driving on suspended license (3 counts); posession of stolen property
1/29 Missing person
A father reported his teenage daughter ran away; she has a history of doing so.

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