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Published February 22, 2017

Don't be fooled by the quiet - underneath the surface, the Lafayette Library is bustling with activity!
When most people hear the word "library," they imagine rows of dusty books, dim lighting, and stifling quiet - not the most inviting atmosphere for teenagers! If this is a typical "old library," then the Lafayette Library is a new breed entirely.
Visitors to the Lafayette Library may have stumbled upon a room full of teens making personalized buttons or a gathering of young people watching a movie. These exciting new opportunities can be attributed to the efforts of the Lafayette Library's Teen Advisory Board.
One Tuesday a month, I make my way to a colorful little room that is tucked away in a corner of the Lafayette Library. As I push open the glass door that leads to the Teen Center, I am greeted by the sound of chatter, and the smell of new books, and a circle of smiling faces sitting around a table. This is a typical Teen Advisory Board, or TAB, meeting. TAB is the organization that is responsible for planning, advertising, and volunteering at teen programs at the library. The members of TAB are local teens who are passionate about serving their community.
With the advent of social media and the increasing popularity of eBooks and digital readers, libraries are not the centers of teen community that they once were. As members of TAB, our aim is to make the library and its resources socially relevant to teenagers again.
Many teens may be wondering what the library has to offer them. Not only is the library a helpful resource for academic research, it is also full of new books, which you can read at no cost! The library also hosts frequent programs that are a great way to meet new people. In the past, we have hosted cookie decorating programs, book swaps, and even a Battle of the Bands.
We encourage all local teenagers to attend the library's programs. The library will be hosting Teen Tech Day in March. Teen Tech Day is a national program promoting the involvement of young people in technology and science. We are also hosting a nature drawing program in March. Additionally, the library will be hosting an Earth Day program in April, featuring terrarium making and crafting with recycled materials. For more information, feel free to inquire at the Information Desk at the Lafayette Library.

Analie Fernandes is a member of the Teen Advisory Board at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center.

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