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Published March 8th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

Feb 17 Vehicle vs. pedestrian at Moraga Rd. and Lucas Dr. Pedestrian taken to the hospital.

Alarm calls 4

Bench Warrant
Feb 12 Cleared by arrest

Domestic Dispute
Feb 9 Husband/wife spat. No visible injuries. Medical treatment declined. The couple agreed to split until they calmed down.
Feb 9 Woman had a minor finger cut. Hubby was nearby. Woman couldn’t explain what happened. She left in a taxi (or a huff).
Feb 13 Mother upset arguing with 18-year-old son. He left; no one hurt.
Feb 16 Two adults drinking alcohol argued loudly. Police had them agree to quiet down.
Feb 18 Subject shut off power to house; powerless to escape police.

Feb 12 Cleared by arrest

Firearms surrendered to PD:
Feb 8 air rifle
Feb 13 disabled BB rifle

Found Property
Feb 11 Police stuck with a blood glucose meter.
Feb 11 uNwashed iTems (iPhone and Kindle) found at local laundromat held at police station until the owner E-trieved them next day.
Feb 12 Suspicious. Black HP computer inside a white plastic bag
Feb 15 Small amount of marijuana. Sssssssmokin!
Feb 18 Commercial grade leaf blower St. Mary’s at Moraga Rd.
Feb 19 wallet

ID Theft:
Feb 15 Attempt to open credit card account
Feb 18 Tax prep false filing foiled.

Feb 10 Three bikes (value $400) from a Moraga carport. No one spoke up.
Feb 10 Male stole mail; fled in pickup after pickup. Reporting person must be PO’d.
Feb 14 Stolen vehicle
Feb 15 Lost or stolen license plates
Feb 14 wallet from vehicle

Missing person
Feb 13 Adult male driver, 96, reported missing. Seems he took a wrong turn - into Fremont. A request for DMV re-testing seems prudent.
Muni Code
Feb 17 Loud and large (100) apartment complex party; legions of adult beverages. Party was a no-go, said MPD, and probably also a Bev-no-more.
Feb 18 35 guests asked to leave.

Outside Assist
Feb 20 Ends in felony battery arrest.

Feb 17 Not just horsing around; police found 10 grams of meth and drug paraphernalia in a Valley Vista Staging car. Driver was corralled to the hoosegow.

Suspicious Circumstances:
Feb 11 An open garage door led police to investigate the garage, vehicle and residence. They determined no burglary; perhaps just a mess?
Feb 13 A self-serving customer left the store with unpaid goods and fled in a light colored sedan.

Feb 7 Police investigated a harassing phone call reported at Moraga Library. Seems the caller (no Dewey-eyed perp) may be checking out other libraries. Will he pay a fine? Who knows; sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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