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Published April 19th, 2017
DAL All-League - Foothill Division Boys 2016-2017

Boys Cross Country - 2016-17
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Jared Yabu Campolindo Senior
Jonathan Fierro Miramonte Senior
Raymond Diaz Campolindo Senior
Richard Gong Campolindo Senior
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Division
Niki Moore Campolindo Senior
James Bull Miramonte Junior
Kyle Flett Campolindo Senior
Ethan Sauerberg Campolindo Junior
Navid Boozarpour Campolindo Senior
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
JJ Young Miramonte Junior
Zach Woodworth Acalanes Senior
Grant Churchill Miramonte Senior

Boys Basketball - 2016-17
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Jesse Marlow Acalanes Senior
Charlie Hocking Miramonte Senior
Hunter Clarke Campolindo Freshman
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Divisio
Chris Wright Campolindo Senior
Mitchell Smith Acalanes Junior
Will Cummins Campolindo Junior
Miles Beaubelle Miramonte Sophomore
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
Ryan Nall Acalanes Junior
Nick Foster Miramonte Senior
Boy's Water Polo - 2016-17
Most Valuable Player - Foothill Division
Tyler Abramson Miramonte Senior
Outstanding Goalie - Foothill Division
Ben Miller Campolindo Junior
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Peter Brassinga Campolindo Senior
Duncan Creed Miramonte Junior
Mikey Dakis Miramonte Junior
Beck Jurasius Campolindo Sophomore
Brad Robison Acalanes Senior
Christian Schillinger Miramonte Senior
Jake Stone Acalanes Sophomore
Michael Wheeler Campolindo Junior
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Division
Giorgio Alessandria Campolindo Sophomore
Casey Conrad Acalanes Senior
Tommy Hawkins Campolindo Junior
Jackson Painter Miramonte Freshman
Stephen Schmidt Miramonte Senior
Bennett Winther Acalanes Junior
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
Nate Welcomer Acalanes Senior
Wayne Hawkins Campolindo Senior
Will Clark Miramonte Junior

Football - 2016-17
Most Valuable Player Offense-
All-League - Foothill Division
Name School Position
Tim Tague Miramonte QB Senior
First Team - All-League - Foothill Division
Jacob Westphal Campolindo QB Senior
Nick Foster Miramonte WR, DB Senior
Ethan Fischler Miramonte WR Junior
Matt Ringuist Campolindo WR Senior
Kannah Cruickshank Campolindo WR Senior
Joey Berzins Campolindo TE Senior
Ryan Nall Acalanes DL Junior
Lev Garcia Campolindo DB Senior
Alex Cruz Concord LB Senior
Ryan Walker Miramonte LB Senior
Branden Bocobo Campolindo LB Senior
Sterling Butler Acalanes LB Senior

Second Team - All- League - Foothill Division
Robbie Rowell Acalanes QB Junior
Teddy Hoxie Miramonte OL Junior
Tomie Vega Campolindo OL Senior
Nick Rovetti Miramonte OL Senior
Vince Mossotti Campolindo WR Junior
Brian Merken Acalanes WR Junior
Jake Hassard Miramonte DB Junior
John Torchio Campolindo DB Junior
Michael Hooper Campolindo DB Senior
Casey McGonigle Miramonte LB Senior
Enzo Gravino Las Lomas LB Junior

Boys Soccer - 2016-17
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Valley Division
Drew Wondolowski Acalanes Senior
Co-Most Valuable Defensive Player - Valley Division
Sam Pinto Miramonte Junior
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Rupert Dusauzay Campolindo Senior
Seppi Ortman Campolindo Junior
1st Team All-League - Valley Division
Gabe Singer Acalanes Senior
Bryan Bamford Acalanes Senior
Chris Rogers Acalanes Sophomore
Ben Hodder Miramonte Senior
Michael Ramirez Miramonte Sophomore
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Division
Matty Ringquist Campolindo Senior
Kai Weyland Campolindo Senior 2nd Team All-League - Valley Division
Payson Newman Acalanes Senior
Alex Topping Acalanes Junior
Mark Von Hacht Acalanes Senior
William Knox Miramonte Senior
William Stenzel Miramonte Senior
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
Jose Carra Hernandez Campolindo Sophomore
Vivek Lashkari Campolindo Sophomore
Solomon Dusauzay Campolindo Senior
Honorable Mention - Valley Division
Oliver Feigin Acalanes Junior
Luke Denham Acalanes Junior
Brody Quinn Acalanes Senior
Luca Argast Miramonte Sophomore
Conor Roemer Miramonte Sophomore
Nicholas Rovetti Miramonte Senior
Wrestling- 2016-17
1st Team All-League
132 Tai White Acalanes
145 Jeremy Ridge Acalanes
152 Skylar Wright Miramonte
160 Axel Jurgens Acalanes
170 Maxwell Fleming Miramonte
2nd Team All-League
138 Owen Madaus Miramonte

We will publish the Girls list in our May 3rd issue.

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