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Published April 19th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

March 22 to April 11
March 23 location n/a
March 24 100 block Shuey Dr.
March 24 100 block Walford Dr
March 25 location n/a
March 27 300 block Birchwood Dr.
April 4 10s block Laird Dr.
April 6 location n/a
April 7 200 block Scofield Dr.
April 10 1900 block Ascot Dr.
April 10 400 block Woodminster Dr.
April 11 400 block Fernwood Dr.
April 11 400 block
Calle La Montana

March 23 Miscellaneous
A jarring discovery: the contents of which appeared to be prescription medication was discovered outside the police department. Police took control of the item until it could be properly disposed of.

March 24 Miscellaneous
Forty subjects doth a party make on Miramonte Drive. The resident was found in violation; subjects were instructed to party less heartily.

March 25 Simple assault
A party went from bad to worse when officers responded to reports of unwanted guests at a residence. Revelers asked to leave turned violent, lobbing bottles and attacking party-goers. They fled but were identified and detained by a neighboring police force. The Fight Club mentality persisted though, as another fight broke out. No one was seriously injured, all declined medical assistance and strangely, no one wanted to be prosecuted for battery or vandalism.

March 25 Lost property
A Dollar Tree trip cost one resident a lost wallet containing Saint Mary's College ID card, bank card and petty cash.

March 27 Suspicious Circumstances
Someone who accessed a man's email address list sent unwanted emails to family.

March 28 Threats
Anonymous internet threats were reported to police.

March 28 Auto collision
When an on-duty emergency vehicle collides with another vehicle does a second emergency vehicle respond? Probably not, if the damage was minor and both involved vehicles were driveable.

April 4 Vehicular Vandalism/Larceny
 A Beemer owner's black car extensively vandalized parked curbside on Tharp Drive.
 A black Mercedes Benz had tires slashed and door and bumper scratched.
 Owner of a silver 2005 Audi on Ascot Court lost $200 when the vehicle was broken into.

April 5
This time a gold Honda Civic. Front passenger window broken; laptop stolen. What's up with the color-coordinated auto attacks?

April 5 Bomb callout
Moraga police department received...very carefully...what was thought to be explosive device(s) from a resident. Police then...very quickly...evacuated the entire Town Hall. Explosive ordnance technicians were notified...very rapidly. The items were military smoke grenades. Don't smoke 'em if you've got 'em.

April 5 Suspicious circumstances
A Saint Mary's College student thought she saw a man place a firearm in his backpack. No subject located; no other witnesses. SMC safety officers are investigating.

April 5 Vehicle larceny
Items valued at $170 taken from a black Jetta on Ascot Drive.

April 6 Vehicle incident
A Porsche who owner noticed white spots on her car hood was unsure if the spots came from the dealership or a contentious neighbor. German measles, perhaps?

April 7 Monetary incident
Someone attempted to charge $2,000 and change the account owner's address on his Union Bank account.

April 9 Drunkenness
An occupant of a car parked on Moraga Road was deemed intoxicated. He got a free ride to Martinez.

April 9 Vehicle Larceny
Police recorded a $100 theft from a vehicle in a residential complex. No leads; nothing seen or heard.

April 9 Incident
A resident reported what looked like a swastika made from lumber on the ground near an apartment complex. No leads.

April 10 Traffic accident
Officers responded to a solo vehicle vs. light pole (not sabre) accident. It obviously wasn't Han, because the poor driver couldn't stop the car from rolling away or from running over her foot. She needed hospital attention.

April 10 Missing Person
57-year-old husband reported missing after a 10 hour absence. Police couldn't locate him; they issued an APB.

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