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Published February 7th, 2018
At home with Amanda
Our team created this adult haven by adding exquisite new bedding, a custom upholstered bench with acrylic legs, new nightstands, original art from a local up-and-coming artist, custom drapery, and a small sitting area with a settee, floor lamp, and side table. Photos provided

February is always an odd month for me; I am still savoring the cold quiet dark evenings of winter, yet longing for the warm days of spring. So since we are still in the throes of dark chilly nights, I thought I would share my top five tips for creating a cozy and inviting bedroom.
When I meet with clients to work on their homes I often see that the master bedroom is the last room on the wish list, or in many cases it doesn't even make the list. I too have been guilty of focusing on the rest of my home (the spaces everyone sees and lives in) while my most sacred space, my place of evening respite and morning stillness, is neglected. I hope these ideas will have you thinking twice about your bedroom.
1) Declutter your space. There is nothing worse than crawling into bed and looking over at your nightstand cluttered with yesterday's coffee mug, used tissues, unread books collecting dust, and stacks of work papers. Take some time each evening to clear off your nightstand. Keep a dust rag or roll of paper towels tucked under your bed to brush away the dust bunnies. Remove dirty laundry daily. Try and resist the urge the toss clean clothes over the chair (guilty; it drives my husband nuts). Hang them up immediately. Try to keep the kiddos' toys out of your space, or at least have a basket or bin to store them away at bedtime. A simple evening routine of tidying up before bed creates a state of order and you can wake up feeling like you already have jump on your day.
2) Purchase high quality sheets. There is nothing more irritating than sleeping on cheap, scratchy sheets! By investing in two sets of nice high thread count sheets, you'll ensure better sleep in comfort and style. My favorite sheets are the Gobi Embroidered sheet sets from Sernea & Lilly.
3) Invest in good lighting. Proper lighting, such as overhead lights on a dimmer, whether it is recessed lights or a chandelier or both, bedside lamps, preferably with two-way or three-way switches to control the amount of light, or a small book light that you tuck into your nightstand can help create the proper mood for your master bedroom oasis. If you do not have any overhead lighting, a floor lamp or another lamp on the dresser can help illuminate dark corners.
4) Create a small reading nook. If you have the space, being able to create a reading corner or place to have morning coffee is ideal. While I love reading in bed, there is something comforting about being able to sit in a comfy chair in the bedroom and enjoy a cup of tea or curl up with a good book. And little ones love crawling up with mom or dad to read a book before bed.
5) Refine your space with fresh flowers, candles and music. Never underestimate the power of a small fresh floral bouquet picked up from the grocery store. For music, we have a Bose portable speaker in our bedroom. We like to play soft jazz to unwind, or hip-hop and party music when we have an impromptu dance off with the kiddos (yes momma's got some moves), and I love playing Salsa music when putting away the laundry (hey, it helps). I like to keep unscented votive candles around for soft light in the evenings or vanilla scented ones for a warm yummy fragrance.
I hope I have inspired you to take a second look at your sacred space and take some time to make it beautiful. I am off to go tidy up my bedroom - got to hang up those clothes!
Until next time my dear friends! Xoxo

This client's master bedroom was lacking warmth and sophistication. They had purchased the upholstered bed and lamps, but were stumped with what to do next.
The addition of this well-lit reading area is perfect for relaxing with a book or enjoying a nice cup of tea.
As the Owner and Principal Designer of Lamorinda-based Amanda Carol Interiors, Amanda Eck believes your home's interior should be both approachable and well- appointed. She often asserts, "Beauty is a necessity." With a distinct sense of style that mixes contemporary and classic design she fashions spaces that are both elegant and inviting. Her design aesthetic is inspired by anything visual but especially fashion, architecture and art. Visit http://amandacarolinteriors.com for more design ideas.

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