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Published April 18th, 2018
Blazin' Jayz Smoke Shop opens third branch in Lafayette
Adam Abdallah, proprietor of Blazin' Jayz Smoke Shop in Lafayette Photo Nick Marnell

Given the opportunity to promote themselves, new businesses are usually excited to run down the list of products or services they provide the marketplace.
But Adam Abdallah, owner of Blazin' Jayz Smoke Shop in Lafayette, launched directly into a description of what his new retail store is not.
"We are not a dispensary. And we do not sell any illegal product. No marijuana, no THC packets in any of our stores," Abdallah said. "We are a general retail store."
A general retail store that caters to smokers. Cigars, cigarettes, e-liquid, vape juice, vaporizers, tobacco and glass pipes, hookahs, and Middle Eastern tobacco flavorings line the walls of the spacious establishment, the third location for the company, with shops in Castro Valley and Livermore.
"There's no other store like ours around," Abdallah said, noting that as opposed to fighting heavy competition by opening in Walnut Creek, he feels he has the Lamorinda market to himself in Lafayette.
"It's popular, crowded, lots of traffic. The Roundup is always active," he said. "And with the high income in the area, who wouldn't want to come to Lafayette to set up shop? My market is everyone in Moraga, Orinda and Lafayette."
Abdallah tried three or four other potential locations in Lafayette but they did not pan out. One evening, driving along Mt. Diablo Boulevard, he saw the For Lease sign at 3566. He went to the city offices, filled out paperwork, and within 10 minutes, Blazin' Jayz was in business in Lafayette.
The retail store opened March 27. Abdallah said he has had limited pushback from residents and the city, and none whatsoever from the police. A group of parents came to complain about kids smoking cigarettes and vape, and though Abdallah explained that his store could not be blamed for things that occurred prior to his opening, he did tint his storefront windows after that discussion as a cooperative gesture. The city asked Abdallah to move the hookahs from the front of the shop to the rear, but that's been it, he said.
"We respect our neighbors. We want everyone to understand what our business is," Abdallah said. "We are a smoke shop for 21 and over, and for adults who are curious. We also carry jewelry, incense, accessories, and lots of gift items." He allows no smoking in the store, and that means no smoking by the owners and managers.
Abdallah stressed that no one is permitted in the store unless they are 21. They must present ID, and he allows no exceptions. What about the teenage boy who wants to buy his mother sticks of incense for her birthday?
"He cannot enter this building," Abdallah said. "It's not always about the money. I have kids myself and we take this very seriously. We do not sell to minors."
The new business owner emphasized that he intends to be a good neighbor. "You will never have to worry about your kids," Abdallah said. "We love Lafayette!"
Blazin' Jayz Smoke Shop is located at 3566 Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Lafayette, and is open daily, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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