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Published May 30th, 2018
Art Moves Project prepares its next creation
Leesha Zieber and Aaron Perlstein from Kambara + Dancers performed "Encased" on Bubble Wrap. Photo provided

One of the most thought provoking and engaging art groups in Lamorinda, Art Moves Project, recently held a fundraising event that was also the launch pad of its 2018 project, "Encased." Last October's art performance, "Edifice: Uncovered," explored what is inside; this year's creation includes original music, dance, sculpture and audience participation, aiming at looking at what surrounds us when we leave our comfort zones, both from a personal and community perspective.
On the grounds of a Happy Valley home, architects Zoe Prillinger and Luke Ogrydziak created a 15-foot high sculpture entirely covered with pink bubble wrap. Christy Mack, founder of Art Moves with Yukie Fujimoto and Lissa Resnick explains that the Bubble Wrap is central to this new project. "It symbolizes what we wrap around us when we want to protect ourselves," she says, "either emotionally, or by living in a bubble. The AMP happening is made to explore and get people to think of what happens when we start popping the bubbles and peering through the transparent insulation."
The idea of "Encased" came after the 2017 performance, the fruit of a discussion between Mack and her friend Heather Ferguson (Bluewater Music in Nashville) who wanted to explore what bubbles up in individuals when they are exposed to truly beautiful places, and what they uncover about themselves and about their relationship to their community. Fujimoto also wanted to discover what people are willing to see of their surroundings, the reality of what they experience.
During the April event, performers from San Francisco-based Kambara + Dancers danced on the pink bubbles following choreographer Yayoi Kambara's creation. As they danced, the bubbles started popping under their feet, creating a unique sound backdrop to the dance, which was rhythmic and energizing.
Oakland musician Marquisse Moore created an original soundscape inspired by the Bubble Wrap. The idea, as explained by Mack, is that we can all live in our bubbles, but what happens and what do we see when we start popping them. Moore, Mack and her son Noah went to a sound studio and started recording sounds of bubbles popping, Bubble Wrap twisting, being stepped on, and some of these sounds were incorporated into the installation at the fundraiser. Another part of the atmospheric sounds were echoes of steps. This came from what the spectators experienced as they were invited to walk through the majestic and magical redwood grove that has grown in that part of Happy Valley, holding on to each other, following two dancers who emerged from a pile of redwood shavings.
"Encased" is both an experiential event, where performance happens at a given time, and a display with the sounds and the sculpture. At this time, Fujimoto and Moore are recording words of people who were interviewed and asked about what surrounds them, what surrounds their community, and what encases them. The purpose is to find out what keeps people in, and what is found when the bubble is popped.
At the end of the performance in April, all the artists shared why they had participated in this project and what it meant for them. This will also be a part of the public performance in the fall. AMP envisions a full week of presentation performances, from Oct. 19-26.
The fundraiser was held so the artists that participate can be compensated. Other groups also contribute to Art Moves: Lamorinda Arts Council provides the legal umbrella and seed money; and the Moraga Valley Kiwanis was the first funder this year. The three women are also pursuing grants and business sponsorships.
At this time AMP is looking for a central place in Lamorinda where the free public events will be held in the fall.

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