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Published July 10th, 2019
Letters to the editor

Foul language

A fight broke out in Colorado among parents and coaches at a Little League game for 7-year-olds after the 13-year-old umpire issued a warning about their foul language.
Recently we tuned in to an acclaimed TV show and found that the dialogue relied primarily on the relentless use of F-bombs. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, one of our favorite performers, starred in Veep for four years, and we looked forward to enjoying the whole series, but the first episode turned us off.
There used to be societal standards regarding public speech. We are debasing our language and ourselves, and we should think about the long-term effects.

Dale Walwark

Affordable Housing

My husband and I have been residents of Lafayette since 1969. And we wanted to comment on the article by Nick Marnell about Assembly Woman Rebecca-Bauer-Kahanss positions on AB 1482 and AB 1487 by saying that we are the supporters of Bills that would help make fair and affordable housing in our city a possibility. The Assemblywoman did not vote against these bills for clear reasons stated in the article. We would like to see both of these bills get a chance to address the issues of housing which is so unfair and discriminatory for so many living in our city and in this county.
I cannot help but feel that the inequities of the housing situation most often will not be addressed by many citizens, just like the issues on segregation and equal education were NOT addressed by so many localities during the 1960s and `70s. We need the State Assembly to step up like the federal government did when it was necessary to take the lead and give direction on how we begin to make this issue and the many issues that divide our communities between the "haves" and the "have nots" a basic question of fairness. WE are better than this, and we need to make America a just and decent place with opportunity, especially in housing, available to all.

Thank you.
Lynn MacMichael

National Lineworker Appreciation Day

July 10 is National Lineworker Appreciation Day, a day that we ask East Bay residents to take a moment to recognize the men and women who work around the clock to keep the lights on for our community.
PG&E has thousands of lineworkers serving 5 million customers across our service territory, and they are often unsung heroes. Day and night, no matter the weather, these lineworkers are up in bucket trucks, operating heavy machinery and often arriving first on emergency scenes, all to serve our customers.
The dedication and sacrifice of a lineworker is something to be celebrated, and that's why the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) has established July 10 as Lineworker Appreciation Day. If you see a lineworker today, please stop and say thank you and let them know you appreciate the work that they do.

Vic Baker
Senior Manager of PG&E's Diablo Division

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