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Published August 21st, 2019
Activating and balancing the Metal element in your home this fall
"Activate" the Metal Element Bagua areas with a metal light fixture or a Metal Buddha (Helpful People) Photos provided

In the last few months I've shared a small bit about the wisdom of the Five Elements in Feng Shui interior design and how to apply them at home, in accordance with the Feng Shui Bagua map.
To achieve balance, we ideally work toward integrating all Five Elements into each Bagua area or rooms in your home. Some elements are maximized and others are minimized depending on the ruling Five Element area of the Bagua area (see diagram on Page D4).
A quick review of what is ruled by the Five Elements:
Career - Water
Family, Wealth - Wood
Fame, Reputation - Fire
Relationships, Health & Wisdom - Earth
Children, Joy, Helpful People - Metal
The application of the Five Elements is part of the "art" of Feng Shui.
It's hard to believe when it's 90 degrees at noon that next up is the Metal element of fall, but we must be sure to balance this element using the fire element. Why balance the Metal element at all? When Metal is balanced we have less difficulty speaking up for ourselves, we are organized, our projects complete on time, we enjoy many benefactors or Helpful People, we feel the strength of our Heaven Luck now, we are able to freely flow with change and release what blocks our life force or what no longer serves us so we can continue to prosper and grow.
Autumn is ruled by the Metal element, which is more yin than summer's fiery yang energy, so in the autumn the light and pace begins to shift and we are more contemplative in general, turning our gaze and focus inward in autumn's reflective time. We note what we are harvesting and what has worked well for us so far, and also what we must let go of and ultimately release.
In terms of the Feng Shui Bagua map, the Metal Element governs two distinct areas including Completion/Children/Joy as well as HelpFul People/Travel/Heaven.
These areas are located to the middle and near right, looking into your home from front door, and also at the master bedroom door looking inward as you stand in the doorway. Activating the Metal element can include placing hand forged metal "spiritual" sculptures, metal "singing" bowls, windchimes, metal art, water fountains with metal bells, metal framed photos of joyful children in those Bagua areas.
If there's ample wall space, I often will recommend a "kids" wall and with an all metal or white-framed gallery of memorable or milestone moments, invoking joy in your cure or activation of this Bagua area. When using heavenly or divine symbols, like metal angels or Buddhas, the ultimate `Helpful People,' we must also remember to show the proper respect toward sacred art in our placement, so never in any bedrooms. Instead, in your bedroom, place a metal framed picture of you and your partner since you ought to be very kind and helpful to one another. When spiritual art is placed properly it also has the added benefit of blessing the home with good fortune and health.
And as my astute readers know, the easiest and fastest way to transform a space is applying the colors of the Five Elements. In terms of the Five Elements and color, in those Bagua areas ruled by the Metal element, we can paint the walls a fresh coat of whatever Metal element color inspires us from whites, greys, and all metallics (silver, gold, bronze). Painting a room a new color in accordance with the Five Elements of the Bagua can be a very common sense, fast, and inexpensive way to invite a shift and a balanced Five Element outcome.
Try sitting in the Bagua area you want to specifically work with and for example, Metal element-ruled `Helpful People.' Contemplate on what is really helpful to you now? Who is really helpful to you? Next, ask for guidance on a creative way to inspire the Helpful People Bagua area.
Feng Shui Audit
Take a quick look to see what is located in the middle and near right hand side wall areas of your home, and it's advisable to also check those same areas in your master bedroom. Are you having trouble completing projects? Is there a dirty laundry hamper in the Metal element controlled `completion' area of your master bedroom? Are they connected? Most likely. First, try thoroughly cleaning up the laundry mess and next, be mindful and notice if any shifts occur that inspire finishing your tasks. Especially when working with the Metal areas of the Bagua, remain joyful! Add Metal element items and ensure that all Five Elements are present.
Fire controls Metal
If your home has too much metal or is overly metal, modern, white, metallic or minimalistic, it's good common sense to "warm" things up with the Fire element and counter Metal's yin coolness. We might personally wear more red clothing, and also warm up our indoors with candles, a fireplace, red art, pillows, blankets, and for outdoors, we can place fiery spiky cactuses, fire pits, or triangular shaped sculpture in the garden to add some Fire element and control Metal.
Once we understand we can use the "controlling" element cycle to ensure that each element is always present for balance, but is also used to subdue too much of one element, we can slowly begin to understand how to make impactful adjustments in our environments so we achieve the balance we need now. Here's to more vitality, support and comfort where we live, sleep and dream.

Using the 'Fire' Element in our environment, like lanterns or candles, creates balance.
Michele Duffy, BTB M.F.S. is an Orinda resident who, since 1999, enjoys creating "Space as Medicine" Feng Shui one space at a time, as well as hiking in nature, cooking, and spending time with her family; Canyon Ranch Feng Shui Master, International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) Red Ribbon Professional. To schedule a professional 2019 Feng Shui Consultation, contact Michele at (520) 647-4887 or send an email to spaceharmony@gmail.com.

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