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College Advisor
The University of California at Davis offers a small town alternative to the dense, urban locations of UC Berkeley and UCLA. Located in the Golden State's fertile agricultural region in California's Central Valley, UC Davis is a 90-minute drive from San Francisco, and ...By Elizabeth LaScala

College Advisor
The University of California at Berkeley, fondly known as, "Cal" is the first institution of the University of California system; founded in in 1868, its nickname is clearly tied to this education milestone in California's history.
By Elizabeth LaScala

College Advisor
In October of 2016 President Barrack Obama issued a proclamation deeming November National College Application Month. He might have been dealing with one application firsthand, since his oldest daughter, Malia, was immersed in the process. This year, many seniors are ...By Elizabeth LaScala

College Advisor
Beginning Oct. 1 college-bound families may file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be approved for federal direct student loans as well as need-based scholarships for the 2018-19 school year. It considers your family's income and assets, excluding home ...By Elizabeth LaScala PhD

Pack up some legal documents when your child goes to college
Did you know that once children turn 18, parents lose the legal authority to make decisions for them? An individual who has reached the age of 18 is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. This includes the loss of parental ability to access educational i ...By Elizabeth LaScala, Ph.D.

Writing college essays is a complicated task
It is important to understand some fundamental truths about college essays. First, many parents ask me if I can help their student with "The College Essay." These three words suggest a singular piece of writing. The average college applicant will tackle far more than ...By Elizabeth LaScala

Those pesky General Education requirements: How to make them work for you
Graduating seniors deciding which college to attend or juniors considering which colleges to apply to should look carefully at a college's general education requirements. These are courses that everyone, regardless of their major, must take in order to complete their ...By Elizabeth LaScala

College financial aid awards and scholarships - getting your best offer
Comparing student aid packages and figuring out the true affordability of any particular college can be both challenging and confusing. The essential first steps are to distinguish quality from quantity (more is not necessarily better) and to separate free money ...By Elizabeth LaScala

How Do Colleges Evaluate Applicants?
There are many factors that play a role in successful college admissions, and sometimes the decisions of admission officers are puzzling. One student with a very strong academic record may be turned down, while a classmate with less impressive grades is accepted. This ...By Elizabeth LaScala

College Bound
Thousands of high school seniors cruise through college applications, completing basic contact information, high school coursework and grades, test scores and activities without a hitch. But these same students often cringe when asked "Indicate Your Major."
By Elizabeth LaScala

Doing College
As a college admissions advisor in Lafayette I am often asked "If 10 percent of applicants are accepted to the most selective schools, doesn't that mean I will have a better than 1 in 10 chance of getting into one of them if I apply to all of them?"
By Elizabeth LaScala

Advice for Incoming Seniors: Don't Kick Back and Relax This Year
Most college-bound students wish that they could finish their most difficult courses as juniors and ease up a bit when they enter their senior year. After all, they are already applying to colleges and, although they might be prepared to take the highest level math, ...By Elizabeth LaScala Ph.D.

College Communications Programs Offer More Than Just Idle Talk
Careers in digital, print and broadcast journalism, advertising and public relations are among the most desired by college students. However, early success in these fields requires students to build their resumes while they pursue their degrees.
By Elizabeth LaScala Ph.D.

Do Students Need a Business Education in College for a Career in Business?
Each year thousands of college-bound high school seniors apply to college with an interest in pursuing careers in business. However, there is no "standard preparation" for a business career. Whether the student is interested in consulting, finance, human resource ...By Elizabeth LaScala PhD

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