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Environmentally sound sandwiches in Lafayette
There's a new sandwich in Lamorinda! Well, make that a new sandwich shop in town with plenty of fun and interesting sandwiches, salads, soups and grain bowls and it is called Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches.
By Susie Iventosch

'Papa's Favorite Torte' travels from Christmas to Easter, and it's still delicious
(Adapted from "Private Collection 2: Recipes from the Junior League of Palo Alto" )
When Sora O'Doherty is not busy doing investigative reporting and photography, or writing about local ...
By Sora O'Doherty

(based on a recipe found at finecooking.com)
(Makes 16 three-inch brioches)
You will need 3-inch diameter ...
By Susie Iventosch

This beautiful brioche is shaping up to be a great alternative to regular bread
We were out for lunch about a month ago and right next door there was a tempting bakery. It was beckoning all during lunch, so after we finished our meal, we dipped into the bakery to see what kinds of goodies they had on hand. The shelves were rather bare, and all ...By Susie Iventosch

A decade of delicious delights: Susie's top recipes from her vast repertoire
It is nearly impossible for me to believe that five years have gone by since we celebrated the Lamorinda Weekly's fifth birthday, much less 10 years since the paper was founded! And, I have been writing the food column for the past nine years already, which has been ...By Susie Iventosch

Spaghetti with Elk Sauce
(Serves 6 as a main dish)
2-3 Tbsp. olive oil (plus more as needed, and can use canola ...
By Susie Iventosch

Eeek! Elk in Spaghetti Sauce?
It seems hard to believe, but this is the first time I've ever made spaghetti sauce for my family. Oh, I helped my mom make her sauce when I was a kid, but never on my own. Our family enjoys many different pasta dishes, but for some reason, I have always had a mental ...By Susie Iventosch

Brown-butter, Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies Hearts
(Makes 14-16 three-inch hearts)
1/2 stick of butter (4 Tbsp.)
By Susie Iventosch

Sweet treats for your Valentine's Day favorites
This is a fun variation on the usual Rice Krispies treats with a Valentine's flair and a delicious brown-butter taste. It seems that we have been on a brown-butter kick lately at our house, but it is amazing how delicious it is and how many applications it has from ...By Susie Iventosch

Chicken "Bouillabaisse"
(Serves 4)
Recipes Courtesy of Rosa Jackson, Les Petits Farcis, Nice France
Notes from cooking instructor ...
By Susie Iventosch

Orinda's Travelling Epicurean
Imagine a vacation where you bask in the sights, scents and colors of a foreign farmers' market, visit the local butcher or cheese maker, taste regional wines, hunt for truffles with dogs in tow and learn the secrets of cooking local fare, all in a faraway destination, ...By Susie Iventosch

Thoughtful Food
During the holiday season, dinners can be very robust and filling so a light lunch is often in order. This year, we had a four-day eating extravaganza at our family gatherings, so on Christmas Eve, my mom and I, while really hungry for lunch, wanted something very ...By Susie Iventosch

These Baby Potatoes are Twice the Fun
Whether you're planning a big New Year's Eve party or a small dinner gathering, these twice-baked baby potatoes are sure to delight. We have made large potatoes like this, but I thought it would be fun to do the baby potatoes as a warm appetizer to pass around. They ...By Susie Iventosch

Terrific Toffee for the Holidays
I usually shy away from making toffee at home because I've failed at it numerous times. It has turned out chewy, or burned, or even completely separated by cooking it to the point of no return. I usually just wait for my neighbor, Paula, to make her annual holiday trek ...By Susie Iventosch

Chef Hugo's Croissants
*Note this recipe calls for just over one pound of butter, and even though it is measured in grams, I thought it would be more helpful for you to know approximately how much butter to have on hand.
By Susie Iventosch

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