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Terrific Toffee for the Holidays
I usually shy away from making toffee at home because I've failed at it numerous times. It has turned out chewy, or burned, or even completely separated by cooking it to the point of no return. I usually just wait for my neighbor, Paula, to make her annual holiday trek ...By Susie Iventosch

Chef Hugo's Croissants
*Note this recipe calls for just over one pound of butter, and even though it is measured in grams, I thought it would be more helpful for you to know approximately how much butter to have on hand.
By Susie Iventosch

Chef Hugo's Tasty Croissants May be Tough to Make, but Worth Every Minute
On a recent trip to Paris I had a hankering to take a cooking class. I wasn't especially picky about what kinds of things we would learn to make, but just thought it would be a really fun thing to do.
By Susie Iventosch

Sweet Potato-Jalapeno Cornbread with Candied Bacon
2 cups yellow cornmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
By Susie Iventosch

Thoughtful Food
Last Thanksgiving we published a recipe for a spicy sweet potato dish and discussed the nomenclature for sweet potatoes versus yams, which always seems cause for confusion. Armed with last year's research, I was prepared this year when shopping for sweet potatoes for ...By Susie Iventosch

Oatmeal Apple Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
(Makes one 8-inch round cake. Double recipe for a two-layer cake)
By Susie Iventosch

Thoughtful Food
This spice cake is just perfect for crisp autumn days as well as spicy (and tense) election parties! Actually, I'd never made a cake for election night, but someone tipped me off that it might be a fun idea. So, I took an old family recipe that my great aunt Clara used ...By Susie Iventosch

Gluten-Free Pear Almond Cake
Lindsay Carr

Savory Pear Pasties with Sausage and Leeks
Elaine Cable

Pear Cream Chocolates
Olivia House

Thoughtful Food
Recipe contests are fun and creative endeavors, encouraging contestants to come up with novel uses of this or that ingredient. This year's Moraga Pear Recipe Contest was no exception and provided some interesting and delicious recipes.
By Susie Iventosch

Cauliflower, Gruyere Patties
(Makes 4 large patties)
2 medium-sized Russet potatoes
By Susie Iventosch

Spinach and Feta Patties
(Makes 4 large patties)
By Susie Iventosch

Thoughtful Food
Here is a fun way to eat your vegetables and feel as though you are eating something really hearty at the same time! These patties are sort of like having your burger, bun, cheese and lettuce all in one neat package. These are two slightly different recipes, but both ...By Susie Iventosch

Pistachio-crusted Red Snapper
(Serve 2-3)
1 lb. red snapper filet (we use roughly 1/3 pound per person)
By Susie Iventosch

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