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Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Marcus Cicero
With all of the disasters and tragedies of this year, logic seems to have disappeared. The senseless ...
By Cynthia Brian

Feng Shui
Mirrors are symbolic of the water element, which governs the winter season including November, December and January and they are the one Feng Shui tool you can instantly benefit from when placing them correctly throughout your home. The shape of the mirror - a round ...By Michele Duffy

Antiquing: A fun way to recycle
When people hear the word recycle, they usually think of bottles, cans and paper - and what bin to toss them into (green or blue). It's rare that folks equate antiquing with recycling, unless you're the owner of Orinda Village Antiques, Susan Leech, who has been ...By Vera Kochan

New lighting, color and upholstery design trends unveiled
I love to keep up with what's trending in color and see what's new for lighting and upholstery, so I recently returned once again from North Carolina following the fall furnishings market at High Point. The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade ...By Amanda Eck

Feng Shui
Like many ancient philosophies, Feng Shui observes different aspects of the phases of the Five Elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal - to inform the changing patterns in our lives, homes and bodies. Simply take a look outside and use nature's canvas to adjust ...By Michele Duffy

Button up your home for fall
As the enticing tang of fall hits the air, leaves change color and temperatures drop. Even in Lamorinda, where winter temperatures rarely remain below freezing, residents reach for sweaters and scarves. When you button up outside, it's time to button up your home as ...By Cathy Dausman

The Real Estate Quarter in Review
The third quarter of 2018 showed solid ...By Conrad Bassett, CRP, GMS-T

Cynthia Brian's Gardening Guide
"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it." - George Elliot
Fall is filled with legends, myths, fairs and festivals, all celebrating the bounty from various cultures around the ...
By Cynthia Brian

Cynthia Brian's Gardening Guide for October
"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." ~ Martin Buber
Volcanoes, glaciers, highlands, prairies, lava flows, fire, ice. Nature untouched and untamed.
By Cynthia Brian

Feng Shui
Most of us associate tidying up the areas where clutter accumulates in the springtime, however fall is equally relevant to let things go that no longer serve us and clutter definitely falls into that category. Feng Shui allows us to be more connected and aligned with ...By Michele Duffy

Fire-resistant landscaping tips for front and back yards
Another scorching summer has led to record-breaking wildfires across California, including three major brushfires in Lamorinda. As residents contemplate landscape updates in the coming year, it is important to be aware of crucial guidelines that will aid in smarter ...By Jenn Freedman

Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
"Happiness is a day by the pool."
I can't remember if I first learned to swim in the creek behind our house or in the big round cattle troughs in the hills. Growing up on the ranch both ...
By Cynthia Brian

Make your home an autumn oasis
I love when the sun starts to set a little earlier and my thoughts turn to warm blankets, comfort food, and lazy rainy Sundays (hoping to see some much needed rain this fall). Even though our family schedule seems to pick up during the autumn months - basketball ...By Amanda Eck

Cynthia Brian's Gardener's Guide for September
"Old Gardeners never die, they just spade away!"
When my dad turned 60 he confided that he didn't have the physical strength that he'd had at 30. Although he was always Superman to me, ...
By Cynthia Brian

Feng Shui
The Bay Area has a plethora of creative entrepreneurs, many of whom work from their home offices. With the advent of autumn and many children returning to school, the following helpful home office tips will not only help those of us in the throws of working from home, ...By Michele Duffy

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