Published December 30th. 2015
'Through the Lens of an Artist' Exhibit at THT Gallery
Submitted by JoAnn Lieberman
"Oakland" by JoAnn Lieberman Photos provided
The Lamorinda Arts Alliance premier photography show, "Through the Lens of an Artist," will run through Feb. 20 at the Town Hall Theatre Gallery in Lafayette. Works by Bill Klaproth, Jan Lainoff, JoAnn Lieberman, Cynthia McLoughlin, Kara Navolio, and Shelia Reid include black and white and color photos inspired by nature, travel and nostalgia.
Klaproth's passion for preservation has taken him to six continents to witness and photograph the flora, fauna and landscapes that are deemed fragile, threatened and worthy of preserving. Klaproth hopes the special moments he captures on film encourage others to become stewards of our threatened planet.
Lainoff uses photography for a variety of purposes - to capture an image that she will later use in a painting, as an unbiased lens to view the progress of a canvas and as a contemplative study of the faces, figures, textures and bold lines that dominate both her photographic and mixed-media work.
Lieberman is drawn to the abstract and the history that hides just beneath the surface in the world around her. Her paintings and her photography both celebrate the juxtaposition of old and new - the contrast between a smooth surface and a rough layer of rust and peeling paint, the effects of aging on wood, masonry and metal.
McLoughlin's nostalgic Ferris wheel photos strike a chord with those who fondly remember the county fairs and the amusement parks of youth. "Photography has often been the vehicle I use to capture a moment, composition or color combination as inspiration for my paintings," she says. "But sometimes the composition, quality of light and precise detail make a stronger presentation as a photograph than a painting."
Navolio looks to nature for inspiration in her work, whether it's for subject matter of just for the creative energy that comes from being in nature. "I often take a very close vantage point to zero in on the beauty I see," she says, "whether it's in the vibrant colors or the intricate details created by nature."
For Reid, photography is her way of connecting with the natural world that she loves: "It moves me to get closer, linger longer to simply stay present in that world as she reveals her photogenic wonders." Her passion for photographing the outdoors naturally leads her to travel through rural lands and towns, places she finds compelling to photograph.
The Lamorninda Arts Alliance has been providing art to Town Hall Theatre for over a decade. It is Contra Costa County's biggest venue for emerging artists, hosting between six and eight shows per year.
Venue: Town Hall Theatre Gallery, Lafayette
Dates: Now through Feb. 20
Hours: Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 p.m. and one hour before performances
Show: "Through the Lens of an Artist"
Price: Free

"Gone" by Shelia Reid
Spider Web at Night" by Kara Navolio

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