Published March 1st, 2023
Town Council agrees on 2023 Goals and Priorities
By Vera Kochan
As is customary in the town of Moraga, each new year provides council members with the opportunity to establish its goals and priorities for the coming year. The purpose is to inform the community of Moraga's priorities while providing town staff with a direction for the future.
After a presentation of the goals by Mayor Renata Sos during the Feb. 15 town council meeting, only some minor tweaking was in order after discussions and staff clarifications on a few of the topics.
The Moraga Town Council and Community 2023 Goals and Priorities (Collaboration and Community) are as follows: Continue to lay the foundation and create pathways for a better mix of housing and the revitalization of the town's two commercial areas, including adopting a certified Housing Element, rezoning the commercial centers and Bollinger Canyon, updating the General Plan, and completing an evacuation study; Maintain fiscal discipline, position the town for long-term fiscal sustainability, and efficiently sustain core operations of the town services to residents; and Complete the second year of the 2022-2024 "Worst Streets First" Pavement Reconstruction Project.
More goals are: Continue the Storm Drain Operations and Maintenance Program and complete 2021-2023 Storm Drain Capital Improvement Projects; Support high-quality police and emergency response services, including by securing energy alternatives for emergencies, and coordinate with MOFD on fire safety and planning; and Enhance the town's parks, open space and facilities for the benefit of the public, and move forward with public input into a town-wide recreation and open space plan.
Additional goals include: Pursue measures designed to improve traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety, especially around our schools, crosswalks, through routes, and residential street entry points to the town's main roadways; Work with the Moraga Chamber of Commerce, Saint Mary's College, and local school districts to enhance Moraga's business and educational climate; Continue outreach to the public and provide opportunities for input from all segments of the community; and Continue to work with Wedgewood to enhance the Hacienda and address the impacts of operations on the neighborhood.
The final four goals are as follows: Onboard the new town manager with minimum disruption to staff and to operations, and collaboratively streamline town council meetings; Lessen the town's impact on the environment by continuing to implement sustainability and resiliency initiatives and viable strategies in Moraga's Climate Action Plan and in the town's Facility Energy Generation Study; Conduct a town council/town manager session focused on effectiveness and organizational competency; and Initiate the process of amending the town-wide noise ordinance.

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