Published July 5th, 2023
Art in Public Spaces Committee asks Moraga residents to participate in mural theme survey
By Vera Kochan
The 36-foot-long wall will be a perfect canvas for the new mural. Photo Teresa Onoda
How often does an entire town get asked to choose the type of art that residents would like to see displayed within their community? The Art in Public Spaces Committee is on track to have a mural painted on the large wall (5 feet high by 36 feet long) outside of the Town Chambers at 335 Rheem Blvd., next to Town Bakery. "The sculpture that's been there about five years is gone, so it's time to fill the space," explained APSC Chairperson Teresa Onoda.
During a March 8 meeting, the Moraga Town Council gave APSC the green light to allow the public to get involved in the early stages of the mural process by participating in a survey. In an effort to bring even more visible art to Moraga, committee members are thrilled to have the community's input. "What I like is that the public art is going to be so highly visible," stated APSC Committee Member Holly Hartz.
"We've been looking for a spot for a mural for several years," said Onoda. "Now, it's an opportunity for the people of Moraga to have art that reflects their values. We're really looking forward to seeing what people want."
The survey is open to Moraga's residents (school age and up), and it basically poses the question: What do you believe is the essence of Moraga? There are only six questions to answer, and responding is as easy as checking a box from a list of possible APSC suggestions/ideas. There are also boxes labeled "other" where residents are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. "It's a short survey," noted Hartz. "You should be done in about three minutes."
A sample of the six questions are: What do you like best about Moraga? What Moraga activities do you participate in? In 2-3 words, what defines Moraga? and What is your connection to Moraga? Participants of the survey are also asked for their own ideas when responding to: Is there something you would like us to consider about creating a mural that we did not ask?
The deadline for taking the survey is July 31, at which point the APSC Mural Subcommittee will pour over the public's responses and determine the most popular ones and how they can be tied together to form a cohesive mural. The Town Council will give a final review and their approval, at which point the search for an artist will begin via a Request for Proposal (RFP). All costs associated with the mural (survey, design, installation and maintenance) would either be paid from Fund 134 or through APSC fundraising efforts.
The APSC currently has six members who meet quarterly to discuss other projects such as adding more sculptures around town, poetry readings and fundraising options. They're also looking into utility box art, along with engaging Campolindo High School and Saint Mary's College students to participate in additional art projects. APSC members occasionally go on field trips within the Greater Bay Area to get ideas for possible art projects for the town. For more information about APSC contact:
To take the Mural Survey visit:, or Google: Moraga Mural Survey, click onto About Town -- June 16, 2023, and scroll down to Mural Survey.

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