Published August 30th, 2023
Lamorinda Idol Finals come to a close in climactic fashion
By Jennifer Wake
Photos Dan Klein
An amazing array of performers graced the Orinda Theatre on Aug. 20 to participate in the much anticipated annual Lamorinda Idol Finals.
"All of our Finalists rose to new heights and gave marvelous performances. The sound, lighting, and video quality was first class. And all the other aspects of the day flowed smoothly," said Lamorinda Idol chair Steve Harwood. "Our Lamorinda Idol 2023 program started with our team of audition judges scoring auditioners. This was especially challenging because we had such a depth of high-quality singers auditioning, and there were twice as many as could accommodate as finalists. Thank you, Tosca Maltzman, Ron Rawson, Rick Starbuck, Daphne Stoermer, Jac Garrell, Sue Farmer, Linda Cohen, Jocie Purcell, and Pam Whitman."
In addition to an army of volunteers who helped make this event possible, three individuals - Co-Chairs, June Lim, Bonnie Kim, and Rodger Morris - were called out by Harwood for their big lift for the finals, attending to every detail. A long list of judges were also recognized for their time. "I thought our judges were some of the best we've ever had, all of them with very thoughtful, substantive feedback for our singers. Thank you: David Pinkham, Raz Kennedy, Teresa Kali, Laurie Roldan, Tielle Baker, Marilyn Levison, Jocie Purcell, Chad Somers, and Lleyton Allen."
Harwood said he had mixed feelings about having winners in the program, "since each of the performers was a winner." But we do have winners, he said in an email, and here they are:K-2 Solo Kayla Resnick

3-5 Solo Keenan Moran

6-8 Solo Bella Verrico

9-12 Solo Clea Lee

K-5 Groups Colara
Cara Impallomeni
Colette Goodman
Loud and Proud
6-8 Groups Palig Horoupian
Alexis Lee

9-12 Groups VI
Alec Home
Mina Lim
Gavin Juni
Burl Hall
Kate Bertenthal
Katie Welch

Audience Award: Mia Polichio
Some of the finalists will be performing at the Orinda Classic Car Show on Sept. 9, and then some of the finalists will perform at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival on Sept. 23.
"When you look at the entire program, you realize how much effort went into making it successful," Harwood said. "But boy, is it worth it. This is the good stuff of life."
Audience Award -- Mia Polichio
Solo K-2 -- Kayla Resnick

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