Published May 8th, 2024
Letters to the editor
Speed bumps

This is Charlie from Acalanes High School and I live on Happy Valley Road. I wanted to reach out and express my happiness about the speed bumps placed near Happy Valley Elementary school. I've always thought people have driven too fast on the road, especially being near a school. Since these have been established, I have noticed the driving on the road be significantly safer and slower. Continuing to add these speeds bumps on unsafe roads will make Lafayette a safer place for pedestrians and bikers, along with other drivers.
Charlie Peatross

Protests along Moraga Road in Lafayette

Conspicuously absent from the April 24 article about the Moraga Road protests is an explanation of what is being protested. The article implies that the LGBTQ community is being targeted and reported that one community member characterized the protestors and their signs as "hateful" at a Lafayette City Council meeting. Yet, the article never explains the messaging on the signs or how that message is hateful.
It is important to reaffirm that ours is a community comprised of incredibly compassionate individuals. The protests taking place on Moraga Road are not evidence to the contrary. These community members are advocating that minors should not be subject to medical interventions such as puberty blockers, hormones, or surgery, and that kids should instead wait until they reach adulthood before consenting to undergo irreversible procedures.
This is not indicative of animus towards the LBGTQ community, but is consistent with the emerging trend worldwide. Many European nations that are fiercely protective of LGBTQ and were early adopters of the gender affirmation model have reversed course and no longer allow such procedures on minors. The recent publication of the Cass Review in the British Medical Journal ( criticized earlier studies, found that evidence supporting early medical interventions for trans-identifying kids was "remarkably weak," and advocated a more holistic assessment and treatment plan. The study admonished those on both sides of this medical debate to consider the developing evidence objectively rather than vilify those with contrary views, which is harmful to those suffering from gender dysphoria and parents seeking the best treatment options for their children.
Our community leaders should heed this advice, maintain a position of neutrality, and accommodate diverse points of view on this topic.
Mark Lonergan, Lafayette
Sarah Lind, Lafayette
Robert Lavoie, Lafayette

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