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Published February 8th, 2017
Give your bedroom some love this Valentine's Day
Isabelle Hechinger and Julia Neyshloss decorate a bed at Misto Lino Lafayette Photo Andy Scheck

Although a third of our lives are spent in our bedrooms and they often become our sanctuary, local designers say that bedrooms often lack depth, warmth and consistency. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it is an ideal time to focus more attention on where we rest, retreat and share romantic moments.
Kathleen Burke of Lafayette's Kathleen Burke Design said that consistency is key in bedroom furnishings and that starts with careful choices for furniture and color. She noted that appealing design takes restraint and not every piece that you love will work in your bedroom.
"We work with our clients to make careful choices, so everything in their bedroom is absolutely necessary and it all works together," she said. "Staying with a cohesive color scheme is essential to keep a bedroom in harmony."
A new coat of paint can make a huge impact to a room that needs a fresh change and new color mixing technology allows modern paint colors to have more depth.
This year's popular color is slated to be green with a continued emphasis on grays and neutral tones to promote calmness, according to Burke.
"The bedroom is a place to retreat, rejuvenate, be intimate, and ultimately sleep. Colors that inspire these activities are appropriate," she said.
Some pop of bright colors can be used for daring accents within bedding, rugs and furniture but make sure all of the colors used suit you and your home, Burke noted.
"While trends come and go, the function of the bedroom will generally stay the same, so the colors, textures, and patterns should support those functions," Burke said. "At the end of the day, you have to live with it, so you better love it."
In these cold winter months, warmth can be added to the bedroom using ambient lighting, cozy seating areas, fireplaces and lamps or wall sconces that encourage bedside reading. In the bed, thick throws and soft pillows and blankets are ideal for keeping us warm and fostering cuddly moments.
"All of these things can create moods that soothe and encourage the slowing down we need to do in our bedrooms," Burke said. "Soft textures in fabrics, rugs and materials create warmth through the senses. Curtains are another great way to add softness and create a transition between the outdoors and the warmth of the inside."
As brand manager for Misto Lino linens store in Lafayette, Lisa Cecconi recommends down comforters, flannel sheets and a hot water bottle to create warmth in the bed. In addition to single colors, Cecconi said that bold patterns and ethnic prints are big on quilts this season.
"What we put on our beds should be a combination of personal style, what makes us comfortable, and investing in the highest quality linens possible. It really makes a true difference in the quality of your sleep," she said.
For Valentine's Day luxury, Cecconi suggests silk pillowcases in romantic colors like rose. Pillows are a versatile way to quickly alter the look of the bedroom and Cecconi likes shams or decorative pillows for a finished look and layers with multiple textures.
"You can put a coverlet over the top sheet. Then add a duvet cover and fold it back toward the foot of the bed for a wonderful, lofty look," Cecconi said.
Something that is often forgotten in bedroom design is the downplay of TV and media devices, according to Burke. For a quiet and calming bedroom, make those items less of a focus.
"Too much stimulation in the bedroom can affect our ability to sleep, which affects overall health," she said.

Futon bed at Sugi Fine Bedding and Gifts in Lafayette Photos Andy Scheck

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