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Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
"Society is like a lawn where every roughness is smoothed, every bramble eradicated, and where the eye is delighted by the smiling verdure of a velvet surface." - Washington Irving
The ...
By Cynthia Brian

The Real Estate Quarter in Review
The third quarter of 2017 showed solid ...By Conrad Bassett

Adventures in home renovation - pitfalls and triumphs of kitchen rehab
Kitchens have evolved dramatically over the last 100 years. Your great, great, or even only great grandparents may well have cooked meals in a wood burning fireplace or over a coal-burning stove, after pumping water by hand out in the yard and carrying heavy, sloshing ...By B. B. Kaye

Simple steps to usher in the season
I must admit that autumn is hands-down one of my favorite times of the year. The crisp cool air, leaves changing colors and evenings with the family gathered around the fire with hot chocolate, telling stories. Oh, who am I kidding? That last part never happens in my ...By Amanda Eck

Why D.I.Y.?
When it comes to keeping up appearances outside their home, Lamorindans with limited free time and more discretionary income sometimes opt to employ someone else's elbow grease. Lawn services, window washing, gutter cleaning-these are the usual suspects when it comes ...By Cathy Dausman

Feng Shui
Summer bathrooms have earned a poor reputation in feng shui circles - they leak positive energy and accumulate lower vibrations - but there are practical ways to mindfully balance the draining chi or energy most often associated with our bathrooms and mitigate much of ...By Michele Duffy

Estate sales: a lifetime of belongings going, going ... gone
Traffic came and went on a Friday morning along a quiet Lafayette side street in a neighborhood of 1950s-built ranch homes. The printed sign near the door read "Warning: You are entering an Estate Sale."
By Cathy Dausman

Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
Wherever you travel in California, you'll witness miles and miles of beautiful vineyards. Over 90 percent of all the wine made in America is produced in our golden state. The cultivation of Vitis vinefera dates back to the Neolithic period, more than 7,000 years ago. ...By Cynthia Brian

Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
"I went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." John Muir
As summer draws to a close, it's natural to want to grab the ...
By Cynthia Brian

At Home with Amanda
Everyone likes to be up-to-date with the recent design trends, but how can you incorporate them into your homes while still embracing timeless design? One simple step: start small. The following are some easy items you can bring into your home without worrying if it's ...By Amanda Eck

Don't let your deck become a hot zone
Sit on a Lamorinda deck and you can enjoy rolling hillsides in a sun-kissed Mediterranean climate. A deck is a wonderful amenity for any home; it is quite literally a bridge from indoors to out. Residents enjoy morning coffees watching squirrel antics, or perhaps share ...By Cathy Dausman

Digging Deep with Cynthia Brian
Can you hear the music? Or are you insane?
Dancing in the breeze, Naked Ladies are South African natives in the Amaryllis belladonna family with bare, unadorned stems that turn their ...
By Cynthia Brian

Feng Shui
The start of a new school year is the perfect time to restore positive feng shui to our living environments, and space clearing - which has the same goal and function of energy management and refreshment - is the perfect place to start.
By Michele Duffy

Create an outdoor oasis with smaller pools and backyard living spaces
When Scott and Stephanie Barmmer moved into their Broadview Terrace home over a decade ago, their backyard requirements were minimal landscaping, play areas for their three young children and a fence for the steep slope. Now that they have three teenagers, the couple ...By Paula King

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