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Published June 14, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Scouts earns Merit Badge
Dear Editor,
I'm writing a report on the Lamorinda newspaper for my Boy Scouts Merit Badge. I'm supposed to say a thing I enjoy about the paper. I think it was a great idea to have the winning team of soccer or basketball in the newspaper. It is very fun to see your name and picture in the paper and show your family.

Chandler Peatross

Dear Editor,
For a Boy Scout requirement I am supposed to write to you and express my opinion or share information with you. I would like to first
express my opinion. I love all the work you guys do over there. I sometimes go out and grab the newspaper at my house and I always like looking at the front page. I would like to share information with you but I don't currently have anything very important. When I do get some information I'll make sure you're the first to hear.

Charlie Peacock

What about other large vehicles on El Toyonal?
Dear Editor,
Why now? I've been here 40 years. They use small busses on upper El Toyonal. What about garbage trucks, or UPS trucks? What about fire trucks?
Our city needs to seek an exemption or we withhold tax money. For Uber or Lyft.

Caroline Smith

Support local climate change efforts
Dear Editor,
Climate change is a "tragedy of the (unregulated) commons."
Cattle herders in England in the early 1800s shared a "commons" on which they were each entitled to let their cows graze, as was the custom in English villages. Each individual herder had an incentive to add more cattle, because they would receive additional benefits from each additional animal, but the whole group would suffer if too many cattle were added and overgrazing destroyed the commons. Only a rule-making authority that encompassed the entire commons could protect it.
The Paris climate agreement is just such a rule-making authority that can limit destruction of our common atmosphere and climate. President Trump's decision to withdraw is as narrow-minded and foolish as the cattle herders on the English commons.
We the people can make up for president Trump's failure by supporting local actions such as state carbon tax legislation, SB 775, and choosing community choice energy providers for our counties and cities.

Jim Ulrick

Onoda is out of touch with poet laureate
Dear Editor,
I hope I'm not the only one to see the ludicrous positioning of two news stories about Moraga government on page 4 of the 5/31/ edition.
First, Moraga's budget "scraping the bottom of the barrel" and right next to it Moraga's "Mayor Onoda wants to appoint Moraga's own poet laureate.
The town is in dire shape financially which demands the full attention of our elected officials and, it won't get a lot better soon. BUT the person who is 'Mayor' is concerned that SHE wants our own town poet, and that this is "an important 'personal' project of hers."
We are told it would not be a paid position but that the person would be given an office at the Hacienda at no charge so that they would write - as though that makes it OK.
The town still has to pay for the overhead on that office, to clean it, maintain it, light it, heat it, cool it, and to say nothing of insuring it as part of the building. None of that is FREE.
It was suggested that Moraga join Orinda and Lafayette in such a project but according to the paper, the "mayor would not hear of it" - - really? On top of that, she wants to the authority to make the appointment WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE COUNCIL.
When I was a kid we had a snarky comeback for situations like this: "Who died and made you king?"
Mayor Onoda does not understand her role as mayor. She is supposed to represent all the people of the town and she is not to use her position to further her personal projects.
Shame on the council if it approves this proposal. And Mayor Onoda should resign her position so she can pursue her own 'personal projects' on her own time and dime.

Barbara Simpson

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