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Published January 24th, 2018
Orinda Troop 237 helps Santa Rosa rise from the ashes
Max Coons, Jackson Painter, Campbell Hoskins, and Marcus O'Neill Photo provided

In the wake of the devastating North Bay fires, Orinda Troop 237 Boy Scouts, Max Coons, Campbell Hoskins, Marcus O'Neill, and Jackson Painter, wondered how they could help. A call to the Santa Rosa Boy Scouts of America councils revealed a Santa Rosa Troop that had lost all its scouting supplies - supplies needed to continue on with meetings, advancement, campouts and its own community service projects. Santa Rosa Troop 707 stored its supplies in the homes of its scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster and Troop committee chairman. Sadly, all three homes - plus 20 percent of their troop families' homes - were lost in the fires.
"Because the supplies were held in private homes, insurance is only covering a small portion. So we decided to help replace the Scouting supplies they lost," explains Coons. The Orinda boys organized a donation drive within Troop 237 and the outer community. The troop ended up delivering a large truck full of camping gear to Santa Rosa that will first be offered to the individual families who lost their homes, then everything left will be used for troop supplies. O'Neill expressed, "It was a shock to see the debris of the trailers, supplies, and houses that were completely wiped out."
Plus, over a 10-day period, current and former Troop 237 Scouts and families contributed $4,200 in cash and gift cards for the Santa Rosa Troop. "One of the things they lost was their big trailer and storage unit, which they had just restored and repainted. With our money, Troop 707 plans to purchase a new trailer," said Hoskins. Painter said, "In Scouting, we focus on helping the community, and this time, we were able to do that and also help fellow Scouts and families who needed us."
Troop 237 is thankful to Orinda Troop 303 and Lafayette Troop 200 who immediately pitched in with generous support after hearing about the fundraising efforts. In all, nearly $7,000 plus supplies were donated to Troop 707 and its families. Troop 707 expressed their gratitude, "These Scouts made it their mission to reach out and help us soon after the fires struck. We are proud to be part of an organization that is so ready to help their fellow Scouts in need."

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