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Published May 29, 2019
Town assumes partial management for after-school programs
Plenty of lawn space for outdoor activities Photo Vera Kochan

The Moraga School District's After School Enrichment Program, typically operated by the PTA, has agreed to hand over the reins to the town for partial management starting with the fiscal year of 2019-20.
During the town council's May 22 meeting the resolution was adopted unanimously. Parks and Recreation Director Breyana Brandt's presentation outlined the need for such a move, much of it based on the upcoming Measure V structural improvements set to occur on both the Camino Pablo and Rheem elementary school campuses this summer and potentially Los Perales Elementary next year.
As such, the ASEP will be held at the Hacienda de las Flores facility, which is no stranger to hosting children's activities like the annual summer camps.
The Hacienda will see an activation in daytime activities from approximately 3:30 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, which will not detract from already confirmed weekend rental usage. The facility will have five rooms to offer for classes, not to mention the vast lawn available for outdoor sports.
Any revenue generated by the ASEP will benefit the town as the PTA relinquishes 100 percent control of Rheem and an as yet to be determined percentage from Camino Pablo. Not only will the Hacienda partner with the schools, but it has a greater opportunity to serve the community.
Brandt assured council members that there would be no startup costs due to past summer camp activities allowing for the sharing of equipment. Any liabilities would also be covered by insurance policies currently in place.
With Rheem located just up the street, transportation to the Hacienda would be provided by bus. Camino Pablo students may have to rely on parental carpools.
The same instructors that are involved with summer camp will be enlisted into the ASEP, and the Hacienda's software infrastructure is already in place for any registration and administrative needs.
A sampling of some of the ASEP classes include: basketball, chess, coding, guitar, soccer, Mandarin, painting, Performing Academy, piano, science and Spanish.
Costs to the town are considered neutral, with projected revenue estimated at $145,000 in year one and $160,000 in subsequent years. Expenses for contracted instructors are projected at $130,000 with additional part-time staff salaries at $15,000.
Brandt hopes that this program would bring additional attention to the Hacienda with regards to future community rentals and interest in the property's facilities. She stated, "The risk is very minimal. Our expenses are tied into our revenue, and so I think that the biggest risk is if we tried and it just doesn't work for whatever reason - if it's not convenient for families and people don't participate."

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