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Published February 17th, 2021
Multiple PG&E projects pursued throughout Moraga
PG&E roadwork on Camino Pablo across from JMIS Photo Vera Kochan

Drivers in Moraga can't help but notice all of the roadwork popping up around town. While the projects belong to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, there is nary a familiar baby blue utility vehicle in sight. That is because PG&E has contracted out to various companies for the specialized jobs while it continues to supervise.
Of the three major projects, two are continuations from last year. The first is pavement restoration on Larch Avenue, with site contractor ALB. "After recently completing a gas safety and reliability project in Moraga, PG&E is working to restore pavement in the area of the job," explained PG&E spokesperson Tamar Sarkissian. "The project required boring and limited trenching to safely replace underground gas distribution main and service lines." The project was delayed due to inclement weather, but has since begun the second week in February. If the weather cooperates, Larch Avenue residents should see its completion within a month. PG&E does not expect any traffic issues or road closures.
The other project currently taking place along Moraga Road is a carry-over from last June, with contractor Veteran Power Inc. "The electric system hardening project is a continuation of PG&E's Lafayette Saint Mary's Road project," said Sarkissian. "These projects upgrade and strengthen PG&E's electric system in communities throughout Northern and Central California where wildfire risks are highest, including parts of Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Hardening work includes the installation of stronger and more resilient poles, using covered power lines that are thicker and provide more insulation and other upgraded equipment."
Sarkissian explained why this endeavor is taking so long to complete. "Over the course of the project, PG&E faced some delays due to redeployment of electric crews to emergencies, including wildfires, wind events and recent mud slides. We thank our Lamorinda customers for their patience and understanding." The work on this particular project is nearly complete with crews working overhead and underground while maintaining COVID guidelines.
A new project that is also underway involves a pipeline replacement in front of Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School. "PG&E recently started a safety and reliability project, safely upgrading gas distribution main and service lines in Moraga," stated Sarkissian. "The replacement project is on Camino Pablo between Canyon Road and Bella Vida Lane, as well as Madsen Court. There are no plans for this work to interrupt gas service." The job is expected to be completed by April (weather permitting) and with no road closures or significant traffic issues. This project's contractor is a mix of PG&E crews and Miller Pipeline.
Moraga's Assistant Engineer Sharon Chan stated, "If you are traveling within any of these areas, please be aware of construction activities and obey all construction signage. We appreciate your patience during construction."

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