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Published July 20th, 2011
Local Authors Fill Shelves at Orinda Books
By Cathy Tyson

Lamorinda is home to a wide variety of talented authors. Whether you're shopping for a children's book, or in the mood for an entertaining summer romance or something to enlighten and educate, there is probably a tome penned by a local author that's just what you're looking for.
On a recent visit to Orinda Books, the shelves were graced by the following books authored by residents of Lamorinda:
Painting Memories - Robert Becker

There's a Hummingbird in My Backyard - Gary Bogue

There's an Opossum in My Backyard - by Gary Bogue

East of Indus - Gurnam S. S. Brard

The Viagra Diaries - Barbara Rose Brooker

Rhoda - Her First Ninety Years - Rhoda Curtis

Living Without Blood - Graeme Daniels

This is, was or will be - Dorothy Cutright Davis

Kindness: A Little Drop of Water Cures Everything - Clayton Davis

Tracing Anza's Trail - A Photographer's Journey - Nina Egert, PhD.

Longing - Maria Espinosa

Dying Unfinished - Maria Espinosa

Stand By! - Larry Evans

Bicycling Beyond City Limits - Michael Foley

The Wind Came Running - Marianne Gage

Fascinating Fibonaccis: Mystery and Magic in Numbers - Trudi Garland

Math and Music: Harmonious Connections - Trudi Garland

Math and Music - Trudi Garland

Journeys to Survival - Betty J. Iverson

A Time to Flee - Betty J. Iverson

Tabea's Story - Betty J. Iverson

The Living Rainforest , An Animal Alphabet - Paul Kratter

Fear at Phantom Ship Lake - Marie Wagner Krenz

Living Lean Lifestyle - Sheena Lakhotia

The Fiery Furnace - Margaret Wood Little

My Splendid Concubine - Lloyd Lofthouse

Enjoy: Luxury of Life - Joy Macci, Ph.D & Alexandra Hilton M.A.

Adventure the Long Walk - Joseph Padilla

Talerman - Myron Paine, Ph.D

Walking to Merican - Myron Paine, Ph.D

Letters to Zerky - Bill Rainy

RVing Solo Across America - Lois Requist

Surprise! I'm Still Here - Jane Rubey

Treat Your Partner Like a Dog: How to Breed a Better Relationship- Margie Ryerson

Raising Mario Twice - Christine Scharmer

Two Sloughs - Sally Small

Edgewise - Jan Stiles

Confessions of a Deadhead - The Starburst Commander

German Voices - Frederic Tubach with Sally Patterson Tubach

Pilgrimage / Offerings / Hana Lani - Christine Sunderland

Child on the Home Front - Robert Ross Talle

How Do You Know - Deborah W. Trotter

A Summer's Trade - Deborah W. Trotter

A Life in the Wild - Pamela S. Turner

Prowling the Seas - Pamela S. Turner

Aegis Rising - Tanith Tyler

Survival in the Snow - Ginger Wadsworth

Camping with the President - Ginger Wadsworth
Along with more than twenty other titles


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