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Published August 1st, 2012
Moraga Police Blotter

Car burglary, 7/26/12 Apparently the Beatles tribute band at the Moraga Commons was not enough to keep bad guys at bay for a fellow who parked his car near the Commons for the weekly Thursday music fest. The car was parked near the skatepark on Moraga Road from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. A smashed passenger side window greeted the car owner; unfortunately his laptop, iPad and iPad keyboard did not greet him, since they were stolen.

Extortion, 7/26/12 An unknown male caller contacted an employee of Saint Mary's College and told her that he had abducted her brother and sister-in-law and was holding them hostage, and that he'd release them in exchange for $2,000 sent via Western Union. Turns out both brother and sister-in-law were safe - one was at home and one at work. Police are investigating.

Parked with pot, 7/17/12 At the end of Donald Drive at Mulholland Ridge, police were on patrol just after 11 p.m. and found a car parked in this secluded locale. Three 18-year-old males were in the car, along with visible bottles of beer, and the lingering cologne of burnt marijuana. A bit of the evil weed was left in the center console. Driver and passengers were cited for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and open container. Note: cops are well aware of all the "party" spots in town.

Slow learner, 7/22/12 A pick-up truck was stopped on Woodminster Drive for a broken brake light. Astute officer notices the smell of alcoholic beverage on the driver. He 'fessed up that he had enjoyed two beers approximately four hours prior to getting behind the wheel. The fellow was on probation for a prior DUI. He took a breathalyzer test and scored .044 - less than half of the threshold for impaired driving; he was cited and released.

Backpack with bong found at golf course, 7/18/12 Moraga Security personnel found three backpacks and a black plastic bag while looking for an errant golf ball. Surprise, surprise - the backpacks contained a glass bong, lighters, sunscreen, bug spray, plastic containers and candy. The goods were booked into evidence as found property. If you happen to have lost your backpack bong on the golf course, feel free to contact police to get it back.

Stolen or just rollin'? 7/18/12 A gentleman parked his car at the Orchard Supply Hardware store, and stepped inside for approximately 10 minutes. When the driver came back to the car, it had been moved about fifty feet south of the original parking place, stopping against a tree. Thankfully, no noticeable damage to people, other drivers, the errant vehicle, or the tree. After the reporting person notified an OSH manager, he put the car into park from drive. Driver insisted his car was stolen and could not have been left in gear...


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