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Published November 21st, 2012
Letters to the Editor


Our thanks to Lamorinda Weekly for giving us such excellent political coverage prior to the recent election. Between articles, ads, and letters we believe we had ample opportunity to get to know local candidates and to understand local issues.
We also extend our appreciation to all the candidates and their supporters who expended time, energy, and money bringing democracy-in-action to our community.
Marolyn and Ed Hartman


Most Moragans are probably aware by now that Dexter Louie was reelected to the Moraga School Board on November 6th and then submitted his resignation the next day. This has understandably raised many questions and concerns, particularly among supporters of Dr. Louie's campaign. I actively supported Dexter's campaign because I know that Dexter is selflessly dedicated to improving the educational experience for the children of Moraga. All of you who supported Dexter can be assured that your faith in his integrity and commitment to our schools was not misplaced. Dexter made the decision to run for another four years because he felt strongly that his many years of experience would be particularly valuable to the District in the many challenges it will face, including implementation of a new Strategic Plan and possible passage of a new parcel tax.
Throughout the campaign Dexter remained optimistic that he would be able to continue to serve if he was elected. His subsequent decision to resign from the Board was extremely painful to him but became necessary for very personal reasons. For those of you concerned about his health, let me assure you that Dexter is in good health and continues to be very active both professionally and with his other volunteer commitments. I would ask that everyone please respect Dexter's privacy now that he has made the difficult decision to step down from public office. In fact, I hope if you run into Dexter you will thank him for his many years of service. He has served our community with compassion and integrity for 14 years and deserves our gratitude.
Trish Bare


About Negative Campaigning
Pursuant to last night's election results and recent articles and blogs regarding the dislike of negative campaign signs around Moraga, I would just like to raise a concept for everyone to consider.
Posting signs that read "Defeat Mendonca" is really no different than posting ones that read "No on Prop. 50". As a candidate for political office, one must realize that they are making themselves the political commodity. As an incumbent, one must be prepared to run on his or her record and be willing to accept the fact that some people will not agree with the decisions they've made in their position. Stating "No to X " or "Defeat X " on a 18" x 24" yard sign is done to simply grab your attention and hopefully get you to look into the issue or candidate further - and then make up your own mind. Apparently, this worked.
For those who insist on deeming this a personal attack issue, that idea is of your own making - and I couldn't disagree more. You might consider that without some kind of negative campaigning, incumbents would be essentially unbeatable. Only those few who show up to Town Council meeting would ever see firsthand what their shortcomings are. And, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" ... let's not forget.
And so, congratulations are in order to Mr. Arth, Wykle and Metcalf - 2 of 3 who will be much needed fresh faces on the Moraga Town Council. Govern well, gentlemen, in the interest of the majority of your citizenry, and with careful cost/benefit analyses. Pursue not personal agendas to the contrary. Moragans are paying attention.
Douglas Home


I fear that the dreadful election activity in Moraga this year will reduce even further the number of individuals willing to run for the Town Council; most Moragans would never subject themselves to the kind of treatment that Karen Mendonca received this year. Criticism goes with the job, but I believe we owe them -- and ourselves -- more than that. Our nice little town is developing a bad reputation. We shouldn't let single-issue fanatics take over. Thank you Karen and thank you Howard Harpham for serving on our governing body; I'm sure that most voters don't realize how much time and conscientious effort you have devoted to this work. Congratulations to the two new council members, Roger Wykle and Phil Arth; I hope that among your personal attributes is thick skin.
Dale Walwark


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