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Published August 28th, 2013
Moonalice Comes to Moraga
By Andrew Wang
Moonalice concert at the Moraga Commons Photo provided

Families and friends filed into the Moraga Commons Aug. 8 for an evening of hot dogs, dancing, and a blast of old school rock and roll from band Moonalice. That afternoon, as the band warmed up and concertgoers rushed to claim the best spots, the park bubbled with anticipation and excitement. The sizzle of grilling hot dogs at the food stand, and gallery of Moonalice posters next to the stage, completed the festival mood. I came early so I could get a close-up view. As Moonalice lined up on the stage and struck its first chord, I knew I was in for a treat.
Moonalice is a versatile group: though advertised as an SF rock band, its mission is to create music that speaks to all ages and transcends specific genres. The band shifts easily from country to rock, yet maintains a coherent sound that is gritty, tight and satisfying. Luther Kuefner, a graduated senior from Campolindo, said: "I'm a really big Moonalice fan. I dig those summertime blues and SF rock." His friend Nathaniel Miller, another Campolindo graduate, nodded: "They sound groovy. It's a tight sound ... I like it."
The band jammed through a trail-mix of blues and rock classics. I especially liked their upbeat cover of "Can't Buy Me Love," which showed off their unique "cosmopolitan" style. It combined an old Beatles tune with a country feel, a quick tempo and a crooning vocal. Other notable tunes included The Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon" and a jazzy rendering of "What a Wonderful World."
While satiating rock connoisseurs like Luther and Nathaniel, their music also reached out to regular park goers just wanting to have a fun time. Miramonte student Claire Ramer said she enjoyed the concert for its atmosphere: "It's nice park music; it helps me kick back and chill." Little kids and their parents spent the evening dancing in front of the stage, enjoying the summer breeze and the comforting harmonies. As the last crash of the cymbals faded away, the audience rose up and cheered, invigorated with the energy of the music. For the dancers, the hardcore fans, and casual listeners alike, from rock to country to jazz and blues, Moonalice delivered a fun evening of music and festivities.

Andrew Wang is a student at Campolindo High School. Besides writing and reporting, he enjoys programming on his computer, playing the piano and violin, and throwing frisbees.
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