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Published December 31st, 2014
DFAL All-League Teams
Cameron Gaskell

Lamorinda schools took top honors at the NCS meet in both boys' and girls' cross country. Campolindo boys and girls finished No. 1 overall at NCS. Campolindo girls finished No. 2 at the CIF State Championships. At NCS, Miramonte and Acalanes boys rounded out the No. 4 and No. 5 spots, respectively. Miramonte girls took fifth place at the NCS meet.

Boys' First Team:
Cameron Gaskell Acalanes
Jared Yabu Campolindo
Parker Lothamer Campolindo
Boys' Second Team:
Jonathan Semenza Campolindo
Sid Bagga Miramonte
Kevin Buckley Campolindo
Richard Gong Campolindo
Nathaniel Sauerberg Campolindo

First Team:
Brighie Leach Campolindo
Toni Finnane Campolindo
Mary Orders Campolindo
Sammy Taketa Acalanes
Rachel Johnson Campolindo
Second Team:
Hana Sun Campolindo
Sarah Cella Campolindo
Hannah Ruane Campolindo

All three Lamorinda football teams qualified for the playoffs. Campolindo earned the No. 1 seed. The Cougars swept through the NCS playoffs and the Northern California Regionals to advance to the CIF State Bowl game. In a stunning comeback, they won the title game 35-28. Acalanes earned the No. 5 seed and was bounced by the juggernaut Cougars. Miramonte earned the No. 12 seed in the NCS Division II playoffs.
First Team:
Jack Stephens Campolindo
Nick Fadelli Campolindo
Max Flower Campolindo
Tyler Petite Campolindo
Brady Aiello Acalanes
Sterling Strother Campolindo
Michael Fink Acalanes
Adam Remotto Campolindo
Ryan Anderson Miramonte
Tom Hofmeister Acalanes
Sam Gelmis Campolindo
Clayton Stehr Miramonte
Jack Shurtz Campolindo
Tiger Garcia Campolindo
Michael Samaniego Campolindo
Second Team:
Clayton Stehr (defense) Campolindo
Tyler Henderson Acalanes
Greg Pietrykowski Miramonte
Scott Iqbal Miramonte
Ryan Geisreiter Campolindo
John O'Malley Acalanes
Chad Johnson Acalanes
Todd Blakely Campolindo
Cameron Gee Miramonte
Jared Finney Acalanes
Kevin Hull Campolindo
Tommy Nimura Acalanes
Ryan Anderson (defense) Miramonte

The girls' golf programs enjoyed a strong season. Miramonte finished second in the NCS tournament.
Most Valuable Player:
Emily Attiyeh Acalanes
First Team:
Arielle Caronna Miramonte
Vanessa Van Pell Acalanes
Second Team:
Ali Ingrey Miramonte
Valerie Rockewell Campolindo

Lamorinda sent one team to the NCS girls' tennis tournament. Miramonte earned a No. 4 seed and upset the No. 1 team to reach the finals. They finished in second place overall.

First Team:
Taylor James Miramonte
Riley Eversole Miramonte
Hannah Ross Campolindo
Cece Andrews/Bella Kelly Miramonte
Nicole Finney/Grace Roberts

Second Team:
Melissa Van Pell Acalanes
Sasha Schtein Acalanes
Jess Simon-Parker Campolindo
Haley Stanten Miramonte
Lauren Ladrech/Quinn Harrington
Maddie Geary/Vivian McGowan
Honorable Mention:
Tara Barabi Acalanes
Emma Price Campolindo
Jen Stanten Miramonte

The volleyball programs all qualified for the NCS tournament. As a No. 6 seed, Miramonte reached the second round. At a No. 4 seed, Acalanes lost in the semifinals to No. 1 Campolindo. Campo was upset in the finals and lost in the first round of the NorCal tournament.
Most Valuable Player:
Kelly Wirth Campolindo

First Team:
Molly Dalziel Acalanes
Annie Doyle Campolindo
Caroline Schafer Miramonte
Kristen Sibley Campolindo

Second Team:
MacKenzie Brown Campolindo
Emily Fabian Miramonte
Parker Jones Acalanes
Sabrina Smith Campolindo
Honorable Mention:
Lauren Budde Campolindo
Vanessa Tang Miramonte

The Lamorinda water polo teams were a dominant force in the DFAL and NCS this season. The boys qualified all three teams. Campolindo and Miramonte took the top two seeds, respectively. Acalanes earned the No. 5 seed. After a dramatic semifinal game, Campolindo advanced to the finals where they faced Miramonte. The Mats took the title. In the girls' bracket, Campolindo, Miramonte, and Acalanes took the top three seeds, respectively. Miramonte ousted Acalanes in the semifinals. Then, Campo beat the Mats in the finals.

Boys' Outstanding Goalie:
Spencer Tagg Campolindo

Boys' First Team:
Tyler Abramson Miramonte
Garrett Felix Campolindo
Jordan Hoover Miramonte
Grayson Judge Miramonte
Charlie Rodgers Acalanes
Cole Stevens Campolindo
Brendan Supple Acalanes
Scott Zurnacian Campolindo
Boys' Second Team:
Nima Anjedani Miramonte
Peter Brassinga Campolindo
Tommy Fellner Acalanes
Yurii Hanley Campolindo
Jack Winther Acalanes
Alex Zamanian Miramonte
Boys' Honorable Mention:
Brad Robison Acalanes
Cullen Jacuzzi Campolindo
Evan Pauletich Miramonte

Girls' Most Valuable Player:
Madison Tagg Campolindo
Girls' First Team:
Hannah Buck Campolindo
Emily Byrne Miramonte
Kristen Hong Miramonte
Hannah Kresnak Acalanes
Rachel Lewin Campolindo
Lauren Paxton Miramonte
Brooke Presten Campolindo
Girls' Second Team:
Brooke Alsterlind Acalanes
Hailey Eberle Miramonte
Kari Jensen Campolindo
Avery Martin Miramonte
Emma Myall Acalanes
Olivia Price Campolindo
Grace Tehaney Miramonte

Girls' Honorable Mention:
Lucy Fellner Acalanes
Katie Klein Campolindo
Katrina Drake Miramonte

Sammy Taketa
Hannah Ross
Melissa Van Pell
Kelly Wirth
Molly Dalziel
Caroline Schafer
Spencer Tagg

Tyler Abramson
Jordan Hoover
Madison Tagg
Emily Byrne

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