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Published August 12th, 2015
Exciting Movie Premier in Moraga
"My Brother's Shoes" writer/director Adam Reeves, left, and sound mixer, Nikolas Zasimczuk, watch a scene being shot in the next room. Photo provided

No one will ever confuse the Lamorinda area with Hollywood. But if filmmaker Adam Reeves has his way, the two California communities will soon become more alike than ever before. "There's so much talent in this area, so much support," Reeves said. It was a year ago when a call went out for extras to appear in his independent feature film, "My Brother's Shoes," which was being filmed in both Moraga and Orinda (as well as Livermore and San Francisco). Dozens of locals went to Moraga's Rheem Theatre and Shelby's Restaurant in Orinda, sitting around for hours waiting for their scenes to be filmed. This week, they - along with everyone else - will have the opportunity to view the results of their work.
"My Brother's Shoes" will have its world premier at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15 at Moraga's New Rheem Theatre. The entire cast and crew will be on hand to walk the red carpet inside the theater and view the film with the audience; Reeves, who wrote and directed the comedy, will emcee a Q&A session following the showing so audience members can learn more about the making of the 90-minute movie. And all those extras will get to see their names up on the screen. Usually extras don't get credit on screen, Reeves said, "but I believe in giving it to them. They have little else to show for their time except maybe a quick second of seeing their face up there."
"My Brother's Shoes," described as a zany comedy that borders on fantasy and reality, is a "grass isn't always greener" story. Two brothers - one a successful, married, conservative businessperson and the other a young gay man with both financial and romantic difficulties - wish they could experience the other's life. By a strange twist of fate, their wish comes true. The story probes the question: "Family is everything - but how far would you go for yours?"
"It's 90 minutes of crazy entertainment," Reeves proclaims. "It's the type of movie I enjoy watching. It's a comedy, but definitely has some serious, touching moments. I hope people leave the theater having had a good laugh but also having something to think about."
Reeves himself prefers movies with happy endings and that's one of the reasons he started writing films. "There's not much out there these days that don't include aliens or violence or things being blown up. I want to make movies where people believe they've learned something new, felt something real," he said. Reeves talks very fast and exuberantly because he's so passionate about making movies. "It's so exciting to create something out of nothing and then see people bring your words, your ideas, to life."
"My Brother's Shoes" was done on a small budget and completed in less than three weeks. Most of the cast and crew were local. Reeves already has another film in pre-production: "December Dilemma," which he also wrote and plans to again film locally. That one, Reeves said, will have a larger budget and feature actors that many audience members may recognize. "I'd love to do three films a year in this area," he proclaims. "It's a very doable goal."
Reeves is no stranger to the art of filmmaking. Growing up in the South, he moved to LA to pursue acting. After 13 years, he moved up north, where he started his own marketing/advertising company, specializing in promoting films, commercials and political messages. "Every time talent was needed, they came from LA," Reeves said. "I just kept thinking it was a waste of money, time and talent. It's all right here." So he opened his own production company, R&R Stage and Screen.
He got involved with the California Independent Film Festival Association and became friends with its founder and president, Derek Zemrak. The two film buffs expanded the Iron Filmmaker Contest, which is affiliated with the Festival. He also created a similar contest - Filmmaker Frenzy - in Livermore. Again, he can't give enough praise to the outstanding talent in the area.
Reeves dreams large. He has another goal of bringing film and theater acting classes for adults and children to the Rheem Theatre. "I'd love to find out where the community's interests are and offer classes with special guest teachers. We could have acting and screenwriting and maybe technical-type classes," he noted.
The first-ever screening of "My Brother's Shoes" will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15 at Moraga's New Rheem Theatre. Tickets are $15 and may be purchased online at mybrothersshoes.com.


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