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Published December 16th, 2015
Moraga Police Blotter

Gas hose a goner, 12/7/15 A customer at a Moraga Road gas station accidentally damaged the gas pump by attempting to drive away with the nozzle still in her car. It could have been much worse. Thankfully the hose has a breakaway feature for this very reason and simply separated from the equipment. The customer did the right thing and stopped, then informed the service station owner about the incident.

Domestic violence, 12/6/15 Moraga cops responded to Kaiser Walnut Creek for a report of domestic violence that occurred at one of the shops in the Rheem Shopping Center. Police conducted an investigation and subsequently arrested the suspect who was charged with corporal injury and criminal threats.

Fancy phone vanishes at swim practice, 12/4/15 The reporting person stated that her $850 cell phone was stolen from her backpack while at swim practice. No suspects or witnesses at this time. A stroke of bad luck.

Bad tenant, 12/3/15 An elderly person was concerned about the tenant in his attached in-law suite, due to his odd behavior. Cops called the tenant and asked him some questions; he did not meet the criteria for mental health hold and hung up on officers. Police advised the landlord to seek legal counsel about evicting the tenant. Officers later responded back to the home after the tenant was banging on the landlord's door after a three-day eviction notice was served. All parties were advised to stay away from each other until the civil issue could be sorted out.

License trouble, 12/3/15 It started with a busted tail light, but snowballed from there. Cops pulled over a car on Canyon Road due to a "vehicle code lighting violation," but soon found that the driver had a suspended license for DUI, and failed to provide proof of insurance. The car was towed and placed on a 30-day impound hold. Driver was later released at the scene with a signed promise to appear. Looks like taking Uber would have been the better option.

Attempted theft from car, 12/1/15 A Spyglass Lane resident parked his car in his driveway for the past two days. When he entered the car, he found the contents of the car had been rifled through and a couple personal items were missing. Oddly, he also found his neighbor's unopened mail. Although there is 24-hour security in the neighborhood, the thief was obviously undeterred.

Mail thief caught, 12/1/15 Residents near Ascot Drive and Moraga Road called cops to report a fellow acting suspiciously. Upon contact with the 27-year-old man from Richmond, police found a check allegedly stolen from Orinda in his possession. Further follow-up lead police to a truck parked near Scofield Drive with more stolen mail, along with an accomplice, a 27-year-old from El Sobrante. Both men were arrested.

Other crimes occurring in Moraga Dec. 1-8:

Tools in Car Taken - Augusta Drive
False Alarm - Sullivan Drive, Wells Fargo - Moraga Way
Identity Theft - San Pablo Court
Theft of Electrical Device - Park Street
Teenager Speeding - Dickenson Drive
Suspicious Person - Camino Pablo
Stuff Stolen from Car - Buckingham Drive, Calle La Mesa
Video Consoles Stolen - Rheem Boulevard


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