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Published September 7th, 2016
Moraga Police Blotter

Ongoing investigation 8/11/16
Hot car: the owner of a 2006 Porsche Cayenne reported the car stolen when the owner was out of state. Spicing up the Cayenne's disappearance: the vehicle is reportedly in possession of a Richmond auto body shop employee, who is attempting to register it in his name. The investigation is still cooking...

DUI arrest 8/11/16
The driver of a 2015 Ford pickup picked up an unwanted tail - a Moraga police officer - when the driver suddenly swerved into the officer's traffic lane. Not content with his first close encounter, the driver swerved toward and nearly struck several more vehicles innocently parked along Moraga Road. When finally corralled, the 63-year-old Castro Valley resident reportedly reeked of booze. He was arrested on DUI, taken to Martinez Detention Facility and booked.

Loud Party 8/13/16
How many party-goers does it take to make a party loud? Apparently only six. An anonymous tip told police of said party and Mr. Loud Homeowner was counselled about noise and issued a warning. He signed the notice. Quietly.

Suspicious Circumstances 8/14/16
When a Moraga resident noticed several mailboxes open nearby, he reviewed video recordings and called police about a white car with sunroof and spoiler. Police responded to the Moraga Way location and found miscellaneous mail dumped from Moraga, Dublin and Walnut Creek. Said mail was returned to sender - the U.S. Postal Service.

Larceny 8/15/16
The construction crew of a field office in the 500 block of Rheem Blvd doesn't have a leg to stand on, since person(s) unknown jacked the metal stairs from the front of their work trailer. The suspect(s) haven't been heard from since they've Boosted a Stairway to (their safe) Haven.

Residential burglary 8/15/16
Officers responding to report of a burglary on Beltin Place arrived to find an unlocked bedroom window as point of entry, and several bedrooms minus several possessions. The event is under investigation.

Auto/bicycle injury accident 8/15/16
A vehicle vs. bicycle collision occurred on St. Mary's Road and St. Mary's Parkway. MOFD treated one person with extensive injuries; that person was transported to a local hospital.

Larceny 8/16/16
Person(s) unknown got some laundered money by forcing open washing machine coin boxes in two Ascot Drive apartment complexes. They made off with $400 in coins. The machines were located in the unsecured common area laundry rooms. No one has come clean yet on the theft.

Hit & Run 8/18/16
A park-goer's vehicle damage reported to police. Eyewitness provided license plate. Owner's auto was blitzed, as was owner. Owner denied everything; he/she'll have her day in court, for sure...

Other Activity:
Alarms triggered: Rimer Drive, Inverleith Terrace, Augusta Drive, Moraga Rd, Deerfield Dr., Corte del Caballo, Tia Place, Spyglass Lane, Corliss Drive,
Stolen Vehicles: Thought to be in Oakland; not found. On Ascot Drive; no suspects. Alta Mesa Drive; Acura Integra gone.
Recovered vehicles: Found on Ascot Drive, Location not listed
Auto Burglaries: Ascot Drive ($425), Tia Place (FasTrak transponder), Deerfield Drive ($19)
Speeding: Moraga Road
ID Theft: Subject arrested, taken to Martinez Detention Facility.

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