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Published October 5th, 2016
Motiva Cultivates A Culture of Wellness at Work and at Home
Matt McCormack with his wife and new daughter stand in front of the Moraga office of Motiva. Photo Sophie Braccini

With his business Motiva, chiropractor Matt McCormack wants to become a part of the Lamorinda community, and to raise his family here. He recently opened a part-time health and chiropractic practice in Moraga.
With a partner he developed a business service that specializes in addressing another company's musculoskeletal burden and creating a culture of wellness.
McCormack explains that Motiva works with employees in their work environment, addressing the workstation and more, preventing repetitive stress injuries and chronic conditions.
"If we can treat people in the office, we can decrease their pain, while increasing job satisfaction and productivity," says the therapist. Motiva uses chiropractic care, in conjunction with ergonomics, nutrition and fitness to help each employee with whatever they may need.
Theravance Biopharma, Runway and GSVlabs are some of the companies that have hired Motiva over the last year and a half and where the lucky employees know that some days a week, the Motiva health practitioners will be on site and available to them free of charge.
"We encourage a standing desk," says McCormack. He believes that standing is way better for the back and neck than sitting. If people have pain standing, he will look at arch support and sometimes can recommend an anti-fatigue mat. The practitioner also recognizes the problem of the common head-bent, shoulders rounded and hands together posture of people who spend too much time on their cell phone or at a monitor, where the eye level is not in line with the top of the monitor, and the keyboard below the elbow level.
Motiva addresses more than the workstation. It recommends walking meetings to increase the physical activity during the day. "I also recommend people to stand up every 30 minutes, even if they seat down immediately afterward," says McCormack.
The health practitioner says Motiva adds nutrition, exercise and fitness to the core of his chiropractic services, and for companies he creates a physical culture of wellness. Working with all dietary needs, Motiva makes sure people get all the nutrients they need for optimal health.
McCormack believes that the services Motiva offers are now expected for companies who want to take a more active role in providing a healthy work environment for their employees, with Facebook and Google setting the standards. Companies who pay for the service see a nice return on investment in term of less days missed, and great feedback in employee satisfaction. It is also certainly good also for recruiting and retention.
When a client visits the Moraga office, the same comprehensive approach is engaged and the first visit lasts 60 minutes, giving McCormack the chance to fully understand each person's individual symptoms and possible triggers. He adds that he treats the whole person, not just their pain.
"I take a comprehensive approach to health and address people's function with the goal of getting them better faster so they can stay out of my office," he says. It means that he will address any musculoskeletal imbalances with chiropractic care in addition to education regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle. He loves to treat shoulders, ankles, backs and necks, working with older and younger people, and athletes in a holistic way.
"I am excited to also offer care to the Lamorinda community and make this the headquarters for Motiva Health & Chiropractic as we expand and grow," he says. At this time, McCormack is in Moraga once a week and plans to expand to twice a day.
More information is available at www.motivahealth.com. The Moraga office is located at 1605 School Street, Suite #1, (650) 332-4748.
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