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Published November 30th, 2016
Moraga Police Blotter

11/03 Auto Burglary
Someone wrangled their way into a Jeep Wrangler by smashing the front passenger window. The car valuables were likely brought inside before the attempt occurred, so the joke is on the suspect(s), but the $500 repair tab is on the owner.

11/03 Hit & Run/DUI
Moraga police assisted a neighboring agency with the arrest for a subject accused of hit and run and DUI. If you drive, don't hit. Or run. Or drink...

11/05 Loud party
Three loud and lubricated residents were initially uncooperative when police arrived to request they tone it down. After a lengthy conversation the residents came to the sobering decision to disperse their partygoers. They still received a warning notice from the town.

11/05 Domestic Dispute
Boyfriend and girlfriend had an argument. Boyfriend agreed it might be best to step away and attempt to settle their differences at a later date.

11/05 Domestic Dispute
Mom wanted to take her daughter hiking. Daughter would rather mom take a hike. Daughter locked herself in the bathroom Mom tried to McGyver her way in using a towel rack rod. The two had already separated by the time police arrived and agreed to stay away from each other.

11/05 Disturbance
Talk about carside service: an annoyed citizen reported she was tricked into being served (papers, not food) inside her car when her ex's new wife convinced the woman to roll down her window. This low blow came with an aside to order a civil restraining order. Seems the event was anything but civil.

11/06 Medical Assist
A son was right to be concerned about his mother's welfare. He called Moraga police; they entered the residence and found the woman on the floor. MOFD responders treated the resident at the scene.

11/07 Drunkenness
Weaving in and out of traffic, especially as a pedestrian, is never advised. Then again the male subject displaying such poor judgement was not in possessing of all his faculties. Police arrested him for being drunk in public; he was transported and booked into Martinez Detention Facility.
11/07 Larceny (vehicle)
A reported stolen license plate caused even more trouble when the vehicle's owner had his car towed because the property owner thought it was abandoned.

11/07 Civil Dispute
...was anything but civil. A resident has refused to vacate property which had been recently sold. Officers suggested the family work things out with the respective attorneys.

11/07 Warrant arrest
Reports of a suspicious vehicle led to the officers arresting the lone driver because of an outstanding warrant from Santa Clara County. The suspect is in custody and the vehicle was towed.

11/08 Larceny (vehicle)
Ya gotta hand (bag) it to the perps who smashed a car widow and helped themselves to a handbag inside. The owner is out approximately $300 plus window repair cost.

11/09 Civil
A semi-truck made a semi poor turn and damaged several plastic dividers at Center and Rheem.

11/10 Larceny
Safeway lost four bottles of alcohol when they were taken by a 35-year-old male who fled toward Orinda in a dark colored SUV. Let's hope he didn't add DUI to the charges.

11/12 Fraud
Attempted ID theft when victims told police that persons unknown opened accounts at Sears, Macys and Fingerhut. Someone's going holiday shopping early!

11/13 DUI
An underage female driver was clocked at 53 in a 35 mph zone and arrested for DUI. She was taken to MPD where she showed a .16 percent BAC. The subject, and her doggy companion, were released to a sober friend. No word on what the dog's breath was like.

11/15 Fraud
A victim reported he cut a $390 money order to pay a Craigslist financial company's "processing fee." The company was subsequently found to be fictitious. If it sounds too good to be true...

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