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Published May 17th, 2017
Lafayette shows 'Resolve' to bring artwork to new Pleasant Hill Road roundabout

Drivers at the junction of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard will have new artwork to admire on their spin around the new roundabout by the end of the year in the shape of a new metal sculpture entitled "Resolve."
The installation is the work of Walnut Creek artist David Mudgett. He says that the sturdy structure of eight dodecahedrons will be dynamically balanced atop a pentagonal concrete pedestal reaching roughly 19 feet into the air. During the day natural light will filter through the cutouts and after dark strategically placed lights will give the sculpture a more dramatic feel.
The geometric shapes, which Mudgett says he chose to be symbolic of Lafayette's policy to put education first, speak to math, science and nature. He says he chose the title to reflect the city's resolve in solving traffic issues.
The city council members recently heard from Staff Liaison to the Public Art Committee Juliet Hanson and from Public Art Committee chair Janice Peacock, who pointed out the benefits of the materials to be used. Mudgett will be using raw, Corten steel and stainless steel hardware, which is easy to clean if necessary. Peacock says that the installation fits with the whole city's art collection. It comes with the pre-approved price tag of $125,000.
Addressing concerns from council members regarding traffic, and safety should some high-spirited youth attempt to climb it, Mudgett said that there would be several boulders around the structure, protecting both it and motorists from collision. Weighing approximately 3,000 pounds, he pointed out it will be secure and strong.
Council Member Mark Mitchell commented, "The more I see it, the more I like it." However the view was not shared by fellow Council Member Ivor Sampson, who did not agree that it fit with Lafayette and said he would prefer additional trees instead.
Mudgett said he would have the pedestal installed in August, with the sculpture itself installed in November and lighting completed by the end of the year.
From four finalists selected out of the original proposals, in March the PAC narrowed the field down to Mudgett's "Resolve" and Gale Wagner's "Pals: Chameleon and Dragonfly." The public was invited to weigh in with comments through the city's roundabout art webpage and a display at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center.
The PAC, after examining the 121 public comments and keeping in mind such issues as maintenance decided "Resolve" best fit the criteria.
The council voted four against one for the art piece, with Samson against.

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