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Published May 17th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

April 25 to May 2
4/27 Likely false alarm from cleaning service
4/27 MBR glass break triggered alarm. Nothing vandalized or taken
4/27 Key fob activation. Nothing unusual seen or heard.
4/28 Garage door activation.
5/1 400 block Fernwood Drive. Residence found secure.
5/1 100 block Miramonte Drive. Nothing unusual seen/heard.

4/25 Bench Warrant
Police pulled over a vehicle for a driving violation and found its driver outstanding - having had two previous warrants issued, that is. Driver was cited and released on a signed promise to appear in court. Maybe someone else should drive that day.

4/25 ID Theft
Saint Mary's College - attempt to open checking account in Memphis.

4/26 Residential Burglary
Homeowner lost electronic items, jewelry and sports memorabilia. Burglar was not a good sport.

4/29 ID Theft
Fitness center guest lost his driver's license and several credit cards. The thief used the info to make $4,000 in purchases. Police working out with surveillance tape.

4/27 Dispute
BFF? Not even close. It didn't turn out especially well for either of two intoxicated male roommates, one of whom suffered a minor scratch. The other got a courtesy lift to a nearby BART station likely until cooler heads prevailed.

4/27 Warrant arrest
Police gave a 41-year-old female on Rheem Boulevard who held an outstanding warrant a lift to Martinez Detention Facility.

4/27 Suspicious Circumstances
Police investigated a reported suspicious circumstance at Saint Mary's College. It was so suspicious we can't tell you what happened. Truthfully - we don't know.

4/28 Auto Burglary
Doors to a previously locked and unattended vehicle netted thief/thieves $100. The owner discovered two keys on the front driver seat.

4/28 Vehicle Larceny
A Prius parked on Miramonte Drive was relieved of an estimated $50 in miscellaneous items. It might be old school, but there are no witnesses or leads.

4/28 Incident
Police retrieved three airsoft rifles from Saint Mary's College Public Safety. Zero shots in the dark later said rifles were headed for destruction.

4/28 Auto Burglary
I'll bet the woman whose car was burgled on Ascot Drive is less upset about losing $260 in stolen goods than learning her vehicle master key was missing. Changing the vehicle locks sets her back $1200.

4/28 Violation City Ordinance
These college students are slow learners. Residents hosting 15 loud and unruly guests had been cited once already for noise. Now they're repeating the lesson.

4/29 Violation City Ordinance
Police found 86 college-age revelers and alcoholic beverages in one apartment on a Saturday night. Clearly the elbow room was as tight as some guests. Police 86'd the group; the residents received a warning.

4/30 Vandalism
Another roommate tiff. Roomie one in the front yard, avoiding an extremely intoxicated second in the kitchen, who had broken several items. The inside subject beat a hasty retreat to a back bedroom when police arrived. They coaxed him out, but he pulled away, then slammed his head into the patrol car. He was arrested and deposited at Martinez Detox...er, Detention Center!

5/1 Larceny
How out of control are real estate prices in Lamorinda? It's so bad that someone just stole a "for sale" sign posted in the 2100 block of Ascot Drive.

5/1 Stolen property
2018 license plate tabs stolen from a Toyota.

5/1 ID Theft
Fraudulent use of an ATM card in Colorado. Bank notified; card closed.

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