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Published September 20th, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Request for signal evaluation from concerned citizen

Since reading about the fatal accident involving a pedestrian at the intersection of Moraga Boulevard and Moraga Road, I have looked at the operation of the traffic signal at that site. The intersection is a T intersection with Moraga Boulevard ending and turns to the right or left are the only options. As right turns can be made regardless of whether the light is green or red when no traffic is coming down Moraga Road, the only use of the light being green is to turn left from Moraga Boulevard onto Moraga Road. There is a crosswalk from the left side of Moraga Boulevard across Moraga Road which has a walk permitted signal that allows pedestrians to cross the street. My concern is that when the pedestrian signal allows crossing the light allowing vehicle traffic to turn left across the crosswalk is green. Unfortunately when cars are coming to the intersection they often will hurry up when the light is green or just turning yellow to allow them to get onto Moraga Road. Sometimes they are not paying attention to the crosswalk when this happens. Since this is a crosswalk used by Lafayette elementary school students, the pedestrians often are not paying attention to cars that could cross the crosswalk. I would like the city to evaluate this signal and alter the configuration so the lights are all red when the crosswalks allow pedestrians to cross. Hopefully this will help prevent future car vs. pedestrian incidents.

Robert L Linville, DVM

Response to letters about Lafayette and its city manager

In response to recent letters printed in a competing newspaper from a friend of the City Manager (CM), perhaps a few facts would help. Citizen groups oppose the City on numerous issues, including CM compensation ($360,000) and severance ($540,000+), which coincidentally are currently under review by the City Council.
Lafayette was a fine community long before the current CM took office. However, during the past decade much has changed. The Fair Political Practices Commission has commenced an investigation into illegal activities by a Planning Commissioner, fined another commissioner, and now other commissioners may be included in this investigation. The City is facing three citizen lawsuits for improper decisions, a new low in the City's history. The amount of wrongdoing is appalling.
A City Council and CM-sponsored tax measure was defeated overwhelmingly. City projects have run millions of dollars over budget. Traffic congestion and parking issues abound. All of this and more under the management of the CM.
The CM often refers to how fiscally strong the City has become under his tenure, implying it was due to his financial management. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Lafayette was incorporated as a "no property tax" city, and when Prop 13 was passed they paid the same proportionate amount as other cities, but were allocated by the State Legislature the same amount as prior to Prop 13, i.e., nothing. About 25 years ago through the efforts of Richard Holmes and others, Lafayette was able to obtain going forward a portion of the property taxes they lost. The current CM had nothing to do with obtaining these property tax revenues.
On the City $12 million budget, these property taxes now amount annually to over $4 million, which were nil 20 years ago. Since that time the CM has managed to spend most of this now annual $4 million increase, or over $30 million in the last ten years. Clearly, not frugal management and not something for which he should take credit.
Maybe it is time for the CM to move on and for the City to recover its moral character.

Michael Griffiths

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