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Published December 27th, 2017
Best sports pics of 2017
Photo Gint Federas

Sports photography is not a forgiving art. Capturing emotion, movement, a specific play or the right player can make the difference between print and cut - and not many visual artists face a throng of athletes rushing at them at full speed, either, so this art form is not for the faint of heart. But Lamorinda Weekly sports photographer Gint Federas, who takes up to 1,200 shots per game, knows when you get it right, it's golden, like in this instance, when Federas captured the euphoria of the Campolindo High School football team winning the NCS Championship on Dec. 1.
"I stood in front of Campo's likely path as it makes for a more dramatic shot," Federas said. "The team lined up at the 40-yard line, but Campo fans lined up on the goal-line. I took photos from the 50 yard-line, then ran around to the 20 yard-line expecting something might happen. That's when the whole team started running at me."
Federas says he has never been knocked over ... yet. "There have been a few close calls in football games on the sidelines. I keep both eyes open when shooting to adjust to the action faster, and get out of the way when bodies come hurling my way."
Lately Federas says he's been teaching his son Andrew the art of sports photography. "He has been knocked over more than once when a sideline tackle knocked his legs out from under him."  - J. Wake

What's Gint Federas' craziest sports photography experience? Campolindo winning the State Championship in 2014. "When Campolindo miraculously won an exciting game by scoring four touchdowns in the last 12 minutes, the winner being an 85-yard fumble return where I was waiting in the wrong end zone," sports photographer Gint Federas said. "I caught Adam Remotto running away from me as no one expected a fumble when El Capitan was in scoring position to end the game." After taking photos of an amazing game, Federas had the privilege of presenting the State trophy as a Farmer Insurance agency owner, when Farmers was a CIF title sponsor. "As a sponsor, I also had locker room access to take after-game photos," Federas added. And, of course, he did. - J. Wake

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