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Published February 20th, 2019
One room FengShui lux re-dux
Photos provided Master bed placement is job No. 1. This works because the bed is flanked by a solid wall and so there is never a window behind the bed.

A thoroughly modern way in this new year to initiate Feng Shui within your home is by accessing your floor plan with the Feng Shui BAGUA/I CHING map, the space-tool of choice, and next selecting one room or area to take a much deeper dive. Around Valentine's Day or early spring is a great time to turn your eyes to the master bedroom and the retreat it ought to be by allocating your time and budget to adjust and improve the space with a fresh redux.
Remember whenever you are adding the balancing layers of Feng Shui into any space, it's equally important to remove items that don't activate joy and the new vibe you are going for. Our spaces should bring us joy and be created with intention, and be on-purpose sacred spaces. Remember, gratitude should be abundantly expressed in your space and negative projections kept to a minimum. Fill your home with functional items you love and your life will be filled with love. Donate or discard items that aren't making you smile.
Before you get started it's critical to prepare your intention, breathe, pause and allow your thoughts to slow down and your mind to be less distracted; even eight or nine deep breaths through the nose will bring you into the present moment. Next locate your master bedroom in your home's layout and make a note of the element on the Bagua that is involved at this location.
Ideally, as you become more interested in applying Feng Shui design principles, it is best applied with the help of a professional so mistakes are avoided. Using the Bagua, understand that the master bedroom ideally sits in the back areas of the home, away from the front entrance door. If it's not, your home might well be energetically set up to attract difficult chi including divorce or unruly children. This is especially true if the master bedroom is situated along the front wall of the home or in the center, and may also be challenging if the bedroom is behind the front door wall. Depending on which element rules the area where the master bedroom is located, it's naturally very easy to activate excellent Feng Shui with a straightforward do-over.
Optimized the furniture placement in the commanding position, consider wall colors, bed frame and bedding, textiles, flooring, as well as lighting and art placement.
Wood area master bedrooms do well with greens (wood) and blues (water produces wood) and remember, strong yang hues are too active, so while an accent wall can definitely be painted with these stronger colors behind the bed, the other walls should be calming and more yin with a much lighter hue. Some of my current favorites for this area are Benjamin Moore's "Constellation" for walls and "Frostine" for the trim, doors, and ceiling. Once a color scheme is chosen then the other Feng Shui layers can be included, depending on individual tastes and whenever possible, nature-inspired design.
Do not include water fountains in any master bedroom and place plants away from the bed to allow personal chi to relax. Limit the EMFs and yang noise from TVs, cell phones, and laptops and incorporate a restful bedtime routine to encourage well-rested nights. Romance is another strong suit in the master, so include plenty of soft yin soy candles, other low lighting and ample reading light to illuminate the romantic, luxurious, sumptuous bedding, textiles and art.
Remember restful master bedroom Chi includes each night closing all adjacent bathroom or closet doors with intrusive chi into the master bedroom suite. Window treatments should provide privacy, shroud you in luscious darkness for sleep, and bring function and joy to your room design.
Using diffusers with a few drops of essential oil is de rigueur Feng Shui and creates space as medicine, creating layers that work together in perfect harmony.
Finally, another key preparation point and one you should not overlook in 2019 Pig year is to understand and stick to your budget from the beginning and to stay organized.

Mandala Feng Shui tips for master bedroom ease:
It's your sacred space so try to invite kids or animals to demonstrate respect;
Arrange the master bed in the Feng Shui "commanding position" (door facing);
Invest in new beddings or make one change, like new pillows,
new luxury bath linens, flooring, or new window treatments;
Blend your new wall color choice so the risky color finishes are temporary trends;
Go for quality in all of the furniture including the master bed frame;
If recently divorced, a brand new bed and mattress are de rigueur in the new year;
Lighting is practical and also flattering with plenty of lightly scented candles;
Have personalized or nature-inspiring art face your sleep position.
Whether you are single or married, allowing yourself to have the grounded, restful, and romantic master bedroom of your dreams is a good starting point to attract or keep love alive. The wise concept of loving absolutely everything in your space is paramount to healthy Feng Shui and especially important in the master, where our personal self gets to pause, rest and experience intimacy.
To schedule your 2019 new year one room makeover, please email me at spaceharmony@g.mail.com or see www.mandalafengshui.com for package details.

Rest and sleep are major energetics we enjoy in our master bedrooms, as much as romance.
Candles and soft wall colors create calm and a greater intimate ambiance in the master bedroom.
Michele Duffy, BTB M.F.S. is an Orinda resident who, since 1999, enjoys creating "Space as Medicine" Feng Shui one space at a time, as well as hiking in nature, cooking, and spending time with her family; Canyon Ranch Feng Shui Master, International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) Red Ribbon Professional. To schedule a professional 2019 Feng Shui Consultation, contact Michele at (520) 647-4887 or send an email to spaceharmony@gmail.com.

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