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Published June 12th, 2019
2018-2019 Boys DAL All League

DAL All-League - Foothill Division
Baseball - 2018-19
Most Valuable Player - Foothill Division
Nick Kresnak Acalanes
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Logan Hurd Acalanes
Davis Diaz Acalanes
Joe Hollerbach Miramonte
Nicolas Bamont Acalanes
Charlie Mollahan Miramonte
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Division
Tommy Thrasher Acalanes
Ryan O'Neil Campolindo
Brady Huchingson Acalanes
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
Declan McMannus Miramonte
Eddie Burns Acalanes
Lucas Allen Campolindo
Blake Bates Miramonte
Gold Glove
Adrese Azzani Miramonte
Justin Liang Campolindo
Thatcher Hurd Acalanes

DAL All-League - Foothill Division
Boys Golf - 2018-19
First Team All-League - Foothill Division
Will Condy Acalanes
Baron Szeto Campolindo
Joe Henderson Miramonte
Second Team: All-League - Foothill Division
John Lagomarsino Campolindo
Tucker Gannon Acalanes

DAL All-League
Boys Lacrosse - 2018-19
First Team
Mark Cheng Miramonte
Jean-Luc Axelrode Campolindo
Charlie Hawkins Miramonte
Jack Wickline Acalanes
Carson Burrill Acalanes
Second Team
Johnny Cirelli Campolindo
Avery Howell Acalanes
Cole Barlow Campolindo
Paddo Buckley Campolindo
Carson Essabhoy Miramonte
Honorable Mention
Marky Hensley Miramonte
Reed Watson Acalanes
Charlie Bettencort Acalanes
Jake Ortiz Miramonte
Wilhelm Schueler Acalanes
Tucker Loughran Acalanes
Tyler Kivelson Campolindo
Tucker Shea Campolindo
DFAL All-League
Boys Swimming - 2018-19
1st Team All-League
Alec Baker Campolindo
Jack Larsen Campolindo
Mason Loyet Campolindo
Sean Percin Campolindo
Richard Zhang Campolindo
Jackson Painter Miramonte
2nd Team All-League
Garrett Dunn Campolindo
Matt Lanzara Campolindo
Zach Le-Nguyen Campolindo
Honorable Mention
Marcus Longton Campolindo
Soren Jensen Campolindo
Ryan Lenahan Campolindo
Aidan Vollmar Campolindo
Will Barber Miramonte
Blake Hoover Miramonte
Campbell Strand Miramonte

DAL All-League - Foothill Division
Boys Tennis - 2018-19

1st Team All-League - Singles
Cal Hunter Campolindo
Clemens Von Dongen Miramonte
Ryan Everly Acalanes
Nick Bohm Campolindo
1st Team All-league -Doubles
Arjun Chhabra/Rory Miller Campolindo
Dominic Davidson/Peter Aroner Miramonte
Nick Broback/Shaan Saha Acalanes
2nd Team All-League -Singles
Liam Sullivan Miramonte
Nishad Elias Miramonte
Cole Brightbill Acalanes

2nd Team All-League -Doubles
Ryan Benisadr/Leo Cardoza Miramonte
Henry Hutchinson/Andrew Tso Acalanes
Ethan Arroyo/Alan Zhou Miramonte
Honorable Mention -Singles
Josh Fleming Campolindo
Kaisei Avart-Oyang Acalanes
Nick Hwang Miramonte

DAL All-League
Boys Track - 2018-19
1st Team All-League
Name School Event(s)
Edward Buckley Campolindo 1600M, 3200M
Trevor Sidlauskas Miramonte Discus Throw
Johnny Choi Acalanes High Jump
Marcus Young Miramonte
Pole Vault
Keaziah Smith Acalanes Long Jump, 4x100 Relay
2nd Team All-League
Garrett Louie Miramonte 800M
Jake Delaney Acalanes 4x100 Relay
Aidan Mosley Acalanes 4x100 Relay
Matt Miles Acalanes
4x100 Relay
Lucas Moore Campolindo Discus Throw
Anish Visht Campolindo
Pole Vault
Chris Rogers Acalanes High Jump, Long Jump
Honorable Mention
Name School Event(s)
Rayce Walton Acalanes 800M
Cayden Hein Campolindo 1600M, 3200M
Irvin Chao Acalanes
Triple Jump

DAL All-League - Foothill Division
Boys Volleyball - 2018-19
1st Team All-League - Foothill Division
Ben Blakely Campolindo
Alex Franke Acalanes
Phu Quy Ho Campolindo
2nd Team All-League - Foothill Division
Austin Kinnear Acalanes
Colin Kirbach Acalanes
Nikolai Heffernan Acalanes
Josh Ewert Campolindo
Honorable Mention - Foothill Division
Lane Altbaum Acalanes
Ryan Yick Campolindo
DAL All-League - Valley Division
Boys Volleyball - 2018-19
2nd Team All-League - Valley Division
Christian Roy Miramonte
Ethan Luckenbach Miramonte
Honorable Mention - Valley Division
Michael Ishizu Miramonte

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