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Published July 24th, 2019
Creating a living room that sings
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Decorating a space like a living room can feel like an overwhelming task as you try to put all the pieces together to make it feel harmonious. You have to consider paint colors for the walls, what kind of furniture you already have, what pieces you need, furniture layout, colors, accents and accessories. Often times you put everything together and yet the space still feels "off" or "missing something." Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track.
The first step of creating a beautiful inviting space is to declutter. Getting rid of the junk many times frees up extra space in the room that wasn't there before. Remove papers, toys, shoes, or any other miscellaneous items that do not belong in the living room. Create a sorting system of three boxes or bags and label them: keep, toss, and donate. Once your space is cleared out use baskets, bins and decorative boxes to keep the items that are staying organized.
Invest in quality
Invest in quality upholstery. Look for pieces that are made in the USA. Frames that are made with kiln-dried hardwood and eight-way hand tied springs (the part where the cushions sit) are the best construction for sofas and chairs. For cushions, look for high-density foam; lesser quality foam can break down quickly. I prefer cushions that have individually wrapped coil springs covered with high density foam and then wrapped with a soft down fiber. It's a triple layer cushion that provides a soft seat yet bounces back when you get up. The spring coils keep the seat from getting that sunk-in look you get over time. There is nothing worse than a cushion with a bum-print.
And last but not least, the fabric. Select fabrics that are stain resistant and easy to clean. For large pieces like sofas and sectionals, stick to a solid color fabric and choose prints for chairs, ottomans, etc.
Add Texture and Layers
Step back and look at your space. Is there too much wood? Too much metal? Use a variety of different finishes in the space (i.e glass, wood, metal). Having a mix of finishes will keep the room from feeling flat.
Add interest to the space by layering in different textures with different fabrics, throws, pillows, baskets and trays.
Accent Pieces
Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out because it complements the space. Choose interesting pieces that are different in either shape, color or texture. Try to resist the urge to buy matching sets. Matching side tables are fine, but choose something different for the coffee table. Accent pieces do not necessarily need to be practical or utilitarian, but serve to draw the eye in and create visual excitement.
Utilizing these tips will help take you from drab to fab.

Photos provided
Photos provided
Photos provided
As the Owner and Principal Designer of Lamorinda-based Amanda Carol Interiors, Amanda Eck believes your home's interior should be both approachable and well- appointed. She often asserts, "Beauty is a necessity." With a distinct sense of style that mixes contemporary and classic design she fashions spaces that are both elegant and inviting. Her design aesthetic is inspired by anything visual but especially fashion, architecture and art. Visit http://amandacarolinteriors.com for more design ideas.

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