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Published May 13th, 2020
The International Film Showcase continues online
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Each month for nearly 10 years the International Film Showcase has brought to Orinda - and for a time to Moraga - internationally acclaimed movies that predominantly had not been released in the state or even in the country. These Oscar-worthy movies are treats for the curious moviegoers and often a window into other worlds. IFS organizers Efi Lubliner and Jo Alice Canterbury have found a way to continue giving access to some of these treasures that are not available on the regular platforms, through a partnership with Music Box Films. Every month three different movies are available for rent for three days, enough time for the whole family to enjoy. This month the three features, "A Regular Woman," "And Then We Danced," and "Corpus Christi" tell intensely human stories showing that wherever we live, however we speak, we suffer and thrive sharing the same humanity.
"Corpus Christi," Poland's Oscar finalist this year in the International Film category is a true story. It was released by the IFS just before the shelter-in-place order. A full review by Lamorinda Weekly can be found online at www.lamorindaweekly.com/archive/issue1402/Corpus-Christi-challenges-our-perceptions-of-good-and-evil.html.
"A Regular Woman" - also a true drama - tells the story of a young German mother of Turkish descent whose extremely bigoted family goes to extremes to stop her from blemishing what they perceive as their honor. The movie is told by the young mother herself, digging into her past and telling the events that lead to the catastrophic ending, presenting facts and testimony like an investigative journalist. The excellent actors' performances, the mix of black and white, the neutral and almost detached tone, create a powerful chilling effect. The movie denounces all extreme religious deviations.
"And Then We Danced" is a beautiful film from Georgia that talks about passion, dance, coming of age and addresses tactfully the sometimes difficult process to find one's sexual identity, and societal pressures to conform. It has a lovely unexpected ending.
The films range from $10 to $12. Details can be found on the website links at http://internationalshowcase.org. Some people reported difficulty accessing the movies using the Firefox browser. Lubliner recommended using Chrome for easier viewing.
Efi Lubliner is offering a Zoom discussion about "A Regular Woman" at 1:30 p.m. May 17. He recommends that people watch the film before joining the discussion. The meeting is hosted by Bob Levine and the Men's club but open to all. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81784884764; meeting ID: 817 8488 4764. Interested individuals are asked to confirm their participation to the meeting by replying to justiceguy@aol.com.

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