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Published October 28th, 2020
Letters to the editor

A Vote for Incumbent Cam Burks for Lafayette City Council

I encourage all Lafayette residents to cast one of our three City Council ballots for Cameron Burks this election.
Lafayette is fortunate to have a strong field of candidates willing to voluntarily perform civic service. Given that Cam is the only incumbent running, at least two elected candidates will necessarily lack continuity with the role, and all will join members who only commenced their first terms last year. Cam's record of leadership, integrity and effectiveness, and exclusive ability to provide continuity, makes his success especially important.
I came to know Cam during his 2016 Council campaign. Nobody worked harder to know the issues and engage with voters than Cam; that uber-preparedness was especially notable and noble given the reality that Cam ran unopposed. And yet, Cam rolled sleeves to not only understand our issues, but also develop deep substantive expertise, a commitment that endured throughout his first term, including as Vice-Mayor and Mayor.
It's been said that: "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." Cam is a true doer who understands our Community's pains and opportunities, and gets things accomplished. He's unquestionably earned a second term and my enthusiastic support.
Rob Sturm

Vote for Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council

Gina's tenacious and herculean efforts to educate herself on gas safety issues long ignored in Lafayette, as well as to understand the clandestine reasoning behind PG&E's plan to cut down 272 trees has improved safety throughout Lafayette. She co-founded the environmental nonprofit Save Lafayette Trees and established the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance. She single-handedly stopped the unnecessary destruction of hundreds of heritage trees which bring natural beauty to our community. Her calm demeanor coupled with her ability to dig deep to research and analyze data, to listen, to communicate, and to advocate has proven successful in her dealing with PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Besides saving hundreds of our trees, her efforts through the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance resulted in PG&E replacing approximately 1,000 feet of partially-exposed gas pipeline along the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail and millions of dollars of unplanned investment to protect our community from the potential threat of an explosion, similar to what happened in San Bruno. Additionally, her efforts will result in an integrity management program audit of gas safety in Lafayette, an effort that rarely occurs. Safety is one of Gina's primary platform issues - she is our community safety watchdog and the premier expert in pipeline safety in Lafayette.
Gina brings a new voice, novel ideas, and a willingness to listen to all and collaborate for the betterment of our city. She has a proven track record of successes. All five existing City Council members endorse Gina in her bid for Lafayette City Council. I urge all Lafayette residents to vote for GINA DAWSON for Lafayette City Council!
Lynn Cass
Lafayette resident for 32 years

Sos, Onoda, and Stromberg for Moraga TC

Sos is brilliant and unmatched in graciousness. Onoda and Stromberg are also very sharp, and all have proven their ability to work effectively with others, are compassionate, fair-minded, knowledgeable, firmly focused on fiscal restraint, politically savvy, and committed to finding the necessary balance of interests to protect our semi-rural environment without placing undue burdens on property owners.
However, Kendall Langan appears to me a wolf in sheep's clothing busily trying to charm the voters while hoping they fail to recognize what I see, which is that he appears to be a political agitator that: (i) will derail the current course of the TC, (ii) doesn't play well with others, (iii) is an admitted long-time drug user, and doesn't appear to have the skills, focus or analytical capacity to be an effective councilmember, and (iv) can't speak coherently about much (except his opinion that we should unincorporate Moraga, leaving ourselves to the mercy of a County that would provide fewer services and less protection for more money). As to Ursula Schilling: She has no apparent history of service in Moraga, and we know nothing about her values or opinions. About anything.
Kymberleigh Korpus, Mayor of Moraga

Yes on R

The fire danger is real. Already millions of acres in California have burned, lives ruined and lost, property destroyed. And it's only the beginning of the fire season.
Proposition R is a one-half cent sales tax increase (25cents on a $50 purchase) to continue the much needed fire risk reduction, street maintenance and preparation for emergencies and disasters. Food and medicine are exempt.
Fire risk increases home insurances premiums and could even make fire insurance unavailable.
We all recall the terrible fire that destroyed homes and property just over the hill in Oakland. Don't let that happen here.
Vote yes on R
Jack D. Wickware

Jex for MOFD Board

The current five-member board of MOFD is made up of three individuals with fire department pensions/jobs and two independent citizens with no such conflict. The board is currently negotiating the new labor contract with the union. One of the board members, an active firefighter, will be negotiating on behalf of MOFD with his own union president. Yes, the same person. Conflict much?
John Jex, the independent incumbent, is running for re-election. John's opponent is an active firefighter and a fireman's union member. His campaign is 100% funded by the Fire Fighter's Union. What possible reason could they have to spend thousands on his election? Is there any doubt which side of the negotiation he would favor?
John, as a retired Deloite audit partner, has no tie to fire department unions or pensions, and is a 47-year resident of Moraga. John's campaign is 100% funded by local individuals. Who do you think will look out for Moraga's interests? John Jex is the independent voice for fiscal responsibility and long-term viability of our robust emergency services in Moraga. I urge a vote for John Jex for MOFD Board, Division #2.
Nathan W. Bell

Anduri for Lafayette City Council

Carl Anduri has my vote for Lafayette City Council because he possesses the qualities and experience to be an effective, forward-looking, and collaborative leader. Carl has a passion for Lafayette, and a deep desire to build upon what makes it a great place to live and work.
He has a vision for the future of Lafayette and the humility and understanding to know that he works for all Lafayette residents. He will represent and listen to the input of the entire community, his colleagues, and staff.
Carl is a lifelong learner, an active listener, and open to having his ideas, biases, and prejudices challenged. He will listen respectfully and weigh differing opinions when making decisions. Carl will always make decisions based on what's best for the community.
Ultimately, his vote will be based on the best interests of the city and its residents, while respecting the law, city ordinances, policies, and council protocols.
Carl has the humility, confidence, drive, and determination to be of service and continue to make a difference in our community. Please join me in voting for Carl Anduri, Lafayette City Council.
Teresa Gerringer

Vote No on negative campaigning

The scurrilous and anonymous (what is PETT?!?) "oh no" signs that have sprouted up recently in Moraga have convinced me to vote yes on Teresa Onoda for Moraga Town Council. Negative campaigning should have no place in politics. It certainly has no place in a local election for an uncompensated, volunteer position.
If this negative campaign succeeds, we can be sure we will see ever more of it in Moraga, to the great detriment of the town we all love. Good candidates will often choose not to run rather than subject themselves and their families to such tactics. Please vote against these tactics.
Moraga should remain an island of civility in an uncivil world.
Blair Hoffman

Re-Elect John Jex for MOFD Board

I appreciate what Director Jex has contributed to the progress of our Fire District. He is a proven leader and experienced manager who understands what is needed to strengthen the MOFD organization to achieve its mission of excellent emergency services and a fire safe town. Jex has strongly supported the adoption of a new fire code and enforcing its requirements. He also supported the Chipper Program to keep our community wildfire safe.
We need Director Jex for four more years to secure our District's financial future and the protection of our town.
Greg Andrews

A letter to the Orinda City Council

The article in the October 28, issue of Lamorinda Weekly, says you asked Jason Moody (consultant and Principal of the firm, Economic & Planning Systems), "what his thoughts are for when we go back to normal times." His response, "retail is the eye of the storm, transforming significantly in a very short time," seems questionable, and one of multiple outcomes, but suggests the consultant does not recognize, nor admit, the downward decent of retail almost everywhere.
More importantly, to your question, dire economic times for the lower and middle class, unrelated to the manipulated stock market, are certainly possible, and seem more probable day by day. One would think it prudent for the city council, city manager, police dept., to at least develop some contingency measures, should unemployment and the real economy, temporarily propped up by massive "stimulus," continue to worsen.
Chris Kniel
Renata Sos for Moraga Town Council

This is an especially important election, both nationally and locally. There's so much uncertainty these days, and I know Moraga has challenges ahead of it. I'm voting for Renata Sos for Moraga Town Council because I'm confident that she has what it takes to do what's best for our town. I've known Renata for over 15 years. Our kids grew up together. For years she coached my daughter in volleyball and basketball, and we worked together in the Moraga schools. My experience of Renata is that she's a smart and practical problem-solver who is also generous, compassionate and deeply committed to our community. She works really well with others but is not afraid to lead and to make her own decisions. She has a big heart and an open mind, and treats everyone with kindness and respect. She's a wonderful person and an outstanding public servant. I'm proud to call her a friend and to have her on the Moraga Town Council. Please join me in voting for Renata on Nov. 3 so that she can continue to serve the community we all love.
Kris Schaffel

Vote Yes on Measure R to help keep Orinda safe from Wildfires

As I write this early in the second week of September the midday sky is a scary orange and I cannot see our neighbors' houses, just a couple of hundred yards away. This is all due, of course, to the fires raging throughout Northern California. This scene is likely to repeat.
Orinda's Measure R is designed in part to do something for wildfire prevention. It is imperative that we come together as a community NOW to take action to alleviate the serious threat wildfires pose to all of us.
I'm sure the residents of Paradise would tell us that a small sales tax increase for wildfire prevention is something they wish they could have had an opportunity to pay a couple of years ago.
Let's not dither over the details.
Please VOTE YES on MEASURE R to help keep Orinda safe.
Bill Judge
Orinda Mayor 2006

Please vote yes on Measure R!

Beginning in 2003, Orinda began a comprehensive process to rebuild our residential roads, many of which had never been rebuilt since WWII. Savvy voters supported, and numerous citizens worked to develop, a detailed plan to fix Orinda's public roads and to maintain them into the future. Measure R is part of that plan and it will provide the funding to continue to maintain Orinda's investment in roads, and to repair storm drains. Having spent the money to bring our roads up to current conditions, we would be foolish not to keep them in decent shape; kind of like buying a new car and then not having it serviced or repaired! Measure R will also provide funding for fuel mitigation. Fire Chief Winnacker did a great job obtaining a grant to create the North Orinda Fire Break this year, and PG&E has also removed a lot of vegetation under their lines. But more needs to be done to trim, remove and replace vegetation in our lovely community. Please vote yes on Measure R for a Safer Orinda!
Victoria Smith (Former Mayor)

Vote Jex to Fire Board for a Safer Moraga

I have followed with interest this year's contest for the MOFD Fire Board. It has become apparent as a resident of Moraga there is a real contrast between John Jex, running for re-election, and his opponent. One key difference is that John Jex's campaign is entirely community supported and funded by local Lamorinda residents who know John and respect the outstanding job he has done representing the best interests of Moraga. Jex has fought to maximize our taxpayer dollars, maintain our excellent fire and medical services, and protect our community against wildfires. I know my family will be safe with John Jex serving on the Fire Board.
Rachel Erickson

Anduri for Council

Carl Anduri will be an excellent addition to the Lafayette City Council. As a former Mayor and City Councilmember, he has already shown his invaluable skills in the recent past. Unable to run again for another term in 2012 due to work demands, he is now retired and anxious to return to service for Lafayette.
He feels strongly about safeguarding the character of our neighborhoods and the semi-rural nature of our community; protecting our hillsides and open space. His past experience on the Planning Commission and legal experience will be important in dealing with the new state mandates. He has a clear vision of development for making our downtown vibrant and pedestrian friendly, as well as pursuing development of appropriate housing in our central corridor.
He is fair minded, and a good listener with strong leadership abilities. As a former Mayor I urge you to vote for Carl. More than ever we need Carl Anduri on the Lafayette City Council.
Anne Grodin
Former Mayor

Support for Gina Dawson

I join the chorus of voices in support of Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council. One lesser known fact is that Gina comes from a mixed-race upbringing. Her dad immigrated from the Philippines, while she was born and grew up in the Bay Area. At a time when our City has taken on the bold and courageous task to address racial equity and justice in the months and years ahead, we would be strengthened to have her voice guide us. I also appreciate her passion for envisioning Lafayette as a city rich with trees, bike & pedestrian paths, and green buildings powered by 100% renewable energy.
Wei-Tai Kwok

Support for Carl Anduri

I am writing to urge a vote for Carl Anduri for the Lafayette City Council. Carl has served Lafayette and its citizens as a member of the Planning Commission, a member of several City task forces, and as a member of the Lafayette City Council for ten years, serving twice as our Mayor. His previous experience will serve Lafayette well in the next four years as issues such as development, sustainability, traffic and parking, and financial management continue to be addressed. The Lafayette General Plan is due to be updated in the next five years so Carl's experience, expertise and vision will be invaluable.
Mary McCosker

Gina Dawson for council

My wife and I are supporting Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council and I invite you to do the same! I have known Gina, and her husband Michael, for many years beginning with our involvement with Sustainable Lafayette. Among her many contributions while active with Sustainable Lafayette was co-founding the Lafayette Farmers Market, supporting annual Earth Day events, community outreach and much more. However, her greatest contributions to environmental sustainability and public safety have been cofounding "Save Lafayette Trees" saving hundreds of trees from removal by PG&E and her extensive efforts to improve natural gas pipeline maintenance and safety. Her efforts for gas line safety include cofounding the Gas Safety Task Force which resulted in important gas pipeline safety improvements and forming the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance with residents, PG&E, the CPUC, and the City. The GSTF has provided important leadership while working with PG&E and the CPUC to understand how gas safety projects are evaluated and implemented within the City. As others have noted, Gina is practical, level-headed, and hands-on in her approach. Most important to me, she strives to build consensus when addressing complex issues. Please join me in voting to elect Gina Dawson to Lafayette City Council.
Bart Carr
Lafayette Resident
Co-founder, Sustainable Lafayette
Member, Lafayette Environmental Task Force

Vote for Dawson

Without hesitation, I encourage you to vote for Gina Dawson in the upcoming City Council election.
I've known Gina for 10 years. We met volunteering for Sustainable Lafayette. She's a wonderful mom, who cares deeply about people, public education, and protecting the environment.
Gina is a workhorse, who rolls up her sleeves and digs into the details- we can count on her to put in the work needed to make well-informed decisions on behalf of the community.
Gina's super power is connecting with people and building consensus- and she's a great listener - something that every city council needs!
So, when you cast your ballot, please vote for Gina.
To learn more about Gina Dawson, go to www.ginadawson2020.com/.
Alicia Culver

Re-open our Lamorinda schools

In last week's articles about school reopenings, you reported most parents and kids in the area want to be back in school, and that the teachers, not necessarily the school boards and districts, are delaying reopenings.
As a Campo HS parent, I support efforts to reopen schools as soon as possible. I was flabbergasted by one teacher's comment regarding her concern about the many people who want to return to school as soon as possible, stating that "it will be a lot of work for teachers, like starting the school year all over again."
"A lot of work" goes into keeping any business open during this pandemic - hospitals, grocery stores, delivery companies, restaurants, first responders, gyms, retail stores, etc. - every single business and employee is doing more work in order to stay open or re-open safely and still provide quality service.
If "a lot of work" is the reason our schools might not open until January or even March 2021, this is a disservice to all kids suffering academically, socially, and emotionally from unnecessarily prolonged distance learning. Area private schools are opening this month, surrounding public schools are offering hybrid classes already, and schools in other states have had hybrid classes since August! So why is it so difficult for Lamorinda schools to follow suit? If concrete plans to re-open were being developed over the past 6 months in anticipation of re-opening in the fall, then schools should be ready to open a few weeks (not months) after being cleared by the county health office.
There is no urgency on the part of Bay Area teachers to get back into the classrooms due to coronavirus safety concerns. Citing safety concerns would be more believable to me if it weren't known that some teachers are flying to other countries and states and "teaching" remotely from second homes and vacation spots.
Offering students safe in-person hybrid school, once cleared by the Contra Costa County Health Department, needs to be everyone's top priority, no matter how much "work" it will take to make it happen.
Charlie Gruebele

Support for Carl Anduri

As a long time Commissioner on Lafayette's Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission, I am supporting Carl Anduri for the Lafayette City Council. Carl stands out among the candidates as by far the most knowledgeable and experienced candidate when it comes to our community's parks, trails, recreation and open space needs. When he was previously on the Council, Carl served as one of the liaisons to the PTR Commission and served on the Open Space Task Force.
I am supporting Carl not only for his knowledge and experience, but because he has the vision, temperament, collaborative spirit and character to put that knowledge and experience to work to get things done for the benefit of all of us.
Please join me in voting for Carl Anduri.
Carol Singer, Commissioner
Lafayette Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission

Vote Yes on Measure R

I am voting "YES" on Measure R and urge my Orinda friends to do the same. The small sales tax increase will provide funds for continued public road maintenance, critical repair and replacement of public road storm drains and wildfire prevention by reducing flammable vegetation. No one in Orinda needs to be told how serious the wildfire threat is, the recent haze and smell from North Bay fires were daily reminders that the threat is at our doorsteps. Let's continue to be prepared and proactive, Measure R will help us do so.
Bruce Burrows

Measure R - Need is Great, and Timing is Critical

As a longtime Orinda resident, I urge fellow Orindans to vote Yes on Measure R. Why? Because we all agree that the need is great - to address ever-increasing risks of devastating fire losses, not to mention old and deteriorating drainage systems and road maintenance. The only real issue is whether another parcel tax or additional bond measure is a better alternative. We need only look to our five City Council members for that answer - ALL SUPPORT MEASURE R. We live in a representative democracy and place our trust in our Council to make wise decisions. That they unanimously support this measure is a clear sign this is the best way to go.
They are indeed correct - this measure's half-cent increase in our city sales tax amounts to 50 cents on a $100 purchase - and food and medicines are exempt. The Town of Moraga has the same sales tax. This will not damage our local businesses - our Orinda Chamber of Commerce President supports this measure. Most of the sales tax funds come from car purchases, and Orindans are not exactly averse to buying newer cars. Orindans of all ages can afford this - and we must act now, given the climate forecasts for more drought and the resultant increased risks of fire. This is precisely the time to act - not wait indefinitely and hope for the best.
Once the fire fuel load has been reduced, the sales tax will pay for continuing maintenance (plants grow), replacing failing storm drains, and keeping roads in good condition. Since we have now successfully fixed our City's road system, the last thing we want to do is let our roads deteriorate. These funds will be critical to long term road maintenance.
In short, this measure is fair to all, and is critical to our mutual safety going forward. Please join me in voting YES on Measure R. And the above are my personal opinions and in no way reflect or state any position of The Orinda Association. Thank you very much.
Bill Waterman

Vote Yes on Measure R

Multiple studies have shown that people who plan ahead for disasters are in much better shape mentally after a disaster does happen. People who expect that nothing bad will happen are more affected by stress, depression, and PTSD.
We as a community can stay healthier and survive better if we plan for wildfires ahead of time. This includes clearing defensible space, hardening our homes, and ensuring evacuation routes are clear. Measure R on the November ballot, a half-cent sales tax increase, will help us prepare, and now is the time. Let's make Orinda safer. It's up to us!
Susan Anacker
Firewise Committee Chair -Orindawoods

Continued support for Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

I had high hopes for Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan when I voted for her in 2018 and she has absolutely delivered -- 150%. I voted for Bauer-Kahan in 2018 because she promised to fight for a cleaner environment, champion new gun sense laws, and provide better access to healthcare. Within her first 100 days, she delivered on those promises, introducing a package of legislation that did precisely that. In her second year in office, she authored new bills to clean our air and water, preserve our open spaces, and protect our children from harmful vaping. An elected official who has the integrity to keep her promises? [That's the real deal.] She gets my vote, again.
Stephanie L. Sandberg

Anduri for Council

Please vote for Carl Anduri for Lafayette City Council. He is the candidate with the most experience that can lead our community. We need someone with knowledge about our city and one who has shown investment in our community by serving on countless committees, the planning commission and previously the city council.
I am 25 years old and was raised in Lafayette and went to Lafayette schools. Because of the housing policies backed by Mr. Anduri, I am now able to live in Lafayette and be a part of the community I was raised in. Thank you Mr. Anduri! I ask that you vote for him so more young people and especially my friends I grew up with can afford to live in our community.
Frank M. Tinley

Vote for Carl Anduri, Lafayette City Council

The City of Lafayette and its citizens have faced many challenges over the past decade with more challenges to come in the coming years. The pressures from Sacramento, especially when it comes to growth, has driven a wedge in our community. It is critical to have a council member who has the historical perspective and served our City during an unprecedented time of planned growth as a council member & planning commissioner, the obvious choice is Carl Anduri.
With the departure of council member Mike Anderson, Lafayette's senior most Council Member, Lafayette will lose the historical perspective which Carl can provide serving on the Council.
As a long-time Lafayette resident, Carl has seen the evolution of our City as a Planning Commissioner from 1997-2002 and Council Member from 2002-2012. Carl has the historical perspective our City needs to lead us through the complex land-use and fiscal challenges our City faces now and into the future.
I strongly support Carl Anduri for Lafayette City Council.
Larry Blodgett

Outside influences

The outside influences driving divisiveness in politics has reached the most local levels; the Acalanes School Board elections. One candidate, Christopher Groves, has accepted $16,000 from "Leadership for Education Equity" (according to filings with the Contra Costa elections commission), a Washington, DC-based candidate factory. LEE's stated mission is "inspiring & supporting a network of civic leaders to end the injustice of educational inequity."
With this backing, Mr. Groves' comments in various candidate forums show his support of teachers and their unions, coordinating keeping our children out of school for political gains. Unions vote democratic, California politicians are majority democratic, and it's an opportunity to rally their base against Trump, who favors in-person education.
For a candidate running on an agenda of diversity, equity, and inclusion, supported by LEE, which espouses that "every child in every community across the nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education," Mr. Groves fails to acknowledge that the position of Acalanes' teachers' union creates a more significant disparity between the "haves" and "have nots" than distance learning.
Jeff Eyet

Sos for Council

In anticipation of the upcoming elections, I'm encouraged by the prospects for the future - not just nationally, but locally for the town of Moraga as well - and felt inspired to share my insight.
This fall, not only do we have the opportunity to vote for a president who will determine the direction and character of our country, but we will also elect 3/5 of our Town Council, which like the Presidential election, will likely impact us locally for more than just the next four years, but possibly for decades and generations to come.
That is why I believe it is so crucial to make sure Renata Sos will be elected to represent us. I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Renata for 17 years, since our family first moved to Moraga and our daughters went to Pre-School together. Over the years, I have witnessed Renata's commitment to her family, her friends, to our schools, and to our community.
In the time I've known Renata, I've seen her dedication to whatever endeavor she's involved in, spending countless hours to ensure optimal results. I'm convinced her devotion to Moraga's future make her an indispensable candidate that we must elect to the next Town Council. So, if you haven't already, I strongly encourage everyone to make sure Renata Sos is one of your selections on the ballot.
Dave Parker
Co-Owner, Parkmon Vineyards
Founder, Lamorinda Winegrowers' Association

Vote for Carl Anduri!

Please join me in supporting the selection of Carl Anduri for Lafayette City Council. Carl previously served on the City Council and was Mayor for several years. He provided a calm demeanor and level-headed approach when working with residents, City Council Members and City staff. He has a great understanding of the issues facing our city and he would be a welcome addition to our City Council.
Please vote for Carl!
Bill Bucher
Lafayette Resident

This teacher does her homework before voting

Although a retired school teacher, I continue to be connected with students, teachers, and parents. Quality public education is my passion and I only support those who share the same focus. I voted for Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan in 2018, in part, because our schools were a top priority. She delivered by passing a law to bring California's spending up to the national per pupil average or higher and remains committed to guaranteeing universal preschool. She is working to keep college affordable for every child, including passing a law removing income exclusions which penalize families on CalWORKs.

When Covid-19 forced school closures, she fought to direct millions from the state budget to the California Dept. of Education to close the digital divide for children statewide who are struggling to learn remotely. I heartily endorse the reelection of Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan. Our schools need her!
Linn‚a Burnette

Open letter to Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

I was profoundly dismayed to find a reference to the Holocaust in your campaign flyers. The death of nearly 6 million European Jews, each with a face, a name, a life story, 6 million of my brothers and sisters annihilated in a planned program of total extermination is not a political prop. One need not be a second generation survivor, like I am, raised on stories of, murder, hunger, exile, disease, death, loss of loved ones to recognize that the memory of such horrific crimes and such immense losses ought not to be used for political purposes.
I would have let it go, were it not for two facts. The reference to the Holocaust was used to buttress your stand against "the Trump Administration's assault on civil liberties". Are you aware that Pres. Trump is the first president who recognized that Jews remain a vulnerable minority and extended the protections of title VI to Jewish students? Despite years of the well reported rise in antisemitism on university campuses, our previous president remained oblivious or unwilling to take action. It took Pres. Trump to protect the civil rights of those who once again have become the most hated minority.
It was even more dispiriting to discover that you signed AB 331, the bill which would have institutionalized a mandated high school curriculum in ethnic studies in which Jews were declared "white", denigrated as oppressors and white supremacists. The history expulsions, persecution, exclusion, genocide of this vulnerable minority was not included in this curriculum. With your vote this curriculum would have been a graduation requirement for every high school student in California, were it not for 86 Jewish organizations who appealed to Gov. Newsom to veto the bill. The Democrat governor vetoed a bill signed by all Democrats! I don't think that you can proudly say that you were on the right moral side of this issue. Chances are that you will be re-elected, even without my vote. I can only plead and hope that in the next term you will make more informed, more courageous and less partisan choices.
Rachelle Halpern MD

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