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Published November 11th, 2020
Letters to the editor

Working together

The "Rheem Triangle" in Moraga has been renovated by the Moraga Garden Club, the Kiwanis Club, the Moraga Park Foundation, and Town staff. Darlene Haffner and Jessica Fleming spearheaded the beautification project for the Garden Club, John Haffner mobilized the Kiwanians, Kyle Salvin and Ruben Ochoa of the Public Works Department did invaluable work, and the Park Foundation provided the necessary funding. With the old vegetation gone, the new plants at the intersection of Moraga Road and Rheem Boulevard will make that highly visible piece of public land look better than it ever has. This was an excellent example of cooperative volunteerism that is so important in a small town like Moraga. Congratulations to all.

Dale Walwark

Congrats to new council

I want to congratulate David Stromberg, Teresa Onoda and Renata Sos for their successful campaigns to be elected to the Moraga Town Council. I supported the three of them. I feel they bring the best understanding of the Town's current issues and would be the best at navigating through future challenges the Town will be facing. I also want to thank Ursula Schillings and Kendall Langan for running for the Council. Even though I did not support them I know it takes a lot of time and personal commitment to run for public office. We all are lucky to reside in the town of Moraga where so many want to be involved. If you are not currently involved in a Service Club or volunteering in some way to continue to make Moraga this special place to live, please find a way to get involved. It is incredible rewarding.

Barry Behr

To Moraga voters

Thank you voters of Moraga for electing me to the Moraga Town Council. I am honored that you have reposed your trust and confidence in me to be your voice in the governance of our Town. I am humbled by the number of you who endorsed my candidacy and worked tirelessly for my election without having previously known me.
With my service on the Moraga Planning Commission and the Board of the Moraga Community Foundation, I have demonstrated my unwavering commitment to our Town. Protecting our open space from further intrusion and the risk of wildfire. Promoting smart and managed growth that favors new development in the Town's core areas. Supporting our existing businesses and adopting measures to streamline our administrative processes in order to attract new businesses to Moraga. Securing charitable donations to provide COVID-19 testing free of charge for our residents and staff at Moraga senior care facilities and to replace the bathroom building at the Moraga Commons with ADA-compliant facilities and an upgraded water fountain.
I commit to being open and making myself available to you. To listen to your thoughts and concerns and bring them to the Town Council. To make fiscally disciplined decisions to address our infrastructure needs and tackle our unfunded liabilities. You may not always agree with my votes on the Council, but I promise you that my decisions will be based on my objective analysis and assessment of all available information and my consideration of competing viewpoints within the context of what is in the best interests of Moraga.
Very truly yours,

David Stromberg

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