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Published December 22nd, 2021
Breznikar twins talented players and leaders on the court
Chloe and Caden Breznikar Photo provided

As twins growing up in Lamorinda, sports were a focal point for Caden and Chloe Breznikar. Their parents, John and Nancy, were high school athletes and passed their love of sports on to their children, with both eventually playing for their respective basketball teams at Miramonte. "My mom was very athletic and the captain of her high school field hockey team," Chloe said. "Our parents encouraged us to play as much as we could, and our dad would always have us in the backyard working on our shots."
Though there were many competitive games in the backyard, Caden and Chloe only played together on the baseball teams in the OBA until they were 12 years old. Though they did not play together after that, they were always there for each other critiquing each other's play. "When I would watch Chloe, I would tell her to be more aggressive," Caden said. "I would also suggest certain moves to the basket."
"Caden helps me out more than I help him," Chloe conceded. "Still, I watch his games and we both suggest to each other what more we can do to help our teams. We have similar styles, but Caden is now more of a shooter and I'm more of a post player though we've played with the same style in the past."
Along with their skills on the court, they can also compare their leadership skills as co-captains on their teams. "It all came from their mother who lost her life to cancer in 2016," John said. "She was really the driving force for them."
Caden has focused exclusively on basketball, but Chloe is also committed to the Oakland Strokes crew team. There are days when she will be rowing in the afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m. and then come home and practice with the team from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Chloe concedes that time management is essential and "it is very busy."
Not surprisingly, the twins' coaches have similar feelings about them. "Caden has become a tremendous leader," Chris Lavdiotis said. "He has embraced leadership and will hold his teammates accountable. He will bark at his teammates in the right way and hold himself accountable. He's a wonderful kid."
"Chloe has been great as a leader," Vince Wirthman said. "She is here all the time and has been gutting it out with a bad knee and playing through it. She is having a very good year."

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