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Published April 13th, 2022
Diablo Athletic League 2021-2022 All League Fall and Winter Sports

Cross Country - Boys
First Team Tyler Hunt Junior Acalanes
First Team Rhys Pullen Senior Campolindo
First Team Connor Mcghee Junior Campolindo
Second Team Maxson Cook Freshman Campolindo

Cross Country - Girls
First Team Olivia Williams Sophomore Acalanes
First Team Ellie Buckley Junior Campolindo
First Team Shea Volkmer Sophomore Campolindo
First Team Kate Riley Senior Miramonte
First Team Makena Weberski Sophomore Campolindo
Second Team Ania Keenan Senior Miramonte
Second Team Lauren Yee Senior Acalanes
Second Team Angeni Lieben Senior Campolindo
Second Team Quinn Guthrie Junior Campolindo
Second Team Megan Yee Sophomore Acalanes

Football Foothill Division
Mvp - Offensive Luke Souza Senior Qb Acalanes
First Team - Offensive Dante Montgomery Senior Wr/Te Acalanes
First Team - Offensive Tyrone Tuavale Senior Ol Campolindo
First Team - Offensive Elijah Klock Senior Ol Campolindo
First Team - Offensive Tyler Dutto Senior Wr/Te Miramonte
Second Team - Offensive Will Berrien Senior Wr/Te Acalanes
Second Team - Offensive Evan Malmquist Senior Rb Acalanes
Second Team - Offensive Nolan Flanagan Senior Ol Campolindo
Second Team - Offensive Scott Linden Senior Wr/Te Campolindo
Second Team - Offensive Robbie Mascheroni Junior Wr/Te Campolindo
Second Team - Offensive Max Rittmann Senior Rb Campolindo
Second Team - Offensive James Patrick Senior Ol Miramonte
First Team - Defensive Logan Ketcham Senior Lb Acalanes
First Team - Defensive Connor Fritch Senior Lb Campolindo
First Team - Defensive Will Monkarsh Senior Lb Campolindo
First Team - Defensive Collin Krznaric Senior Lb Campolindo
First Team - Defensive Ryan Mandell Senior Db Campolindo
First Team - Defensive Sam Ross Senior Lb Miramonte
Second Team - Defensive Sam Hafner Senior Dl Acalanes
Second Team - Defensive Robby Horst Junior Lb Campolindo
Second Team - Defensive Charlie Wheeler Senior Lb Campolindo
Second Team - Defensive Andreas Cornett Senior Dl Miramonte

Girls Golf Foothill Division
First Team Kaylen Tu Senior Miramonte
First Team Courtney Scheingart Junior Miramonte
First Team Katherine Scheingart Junior Miramonte
Second Team Haley Chelemedos Freshman Acalanes
Second Team Lia Toyama Senior Miramonte
Second Team Ainsley Murphy Senior Campolindo
Second Team Makenna Chelemedos Junior Acalanes
Honorable Mention Kendal Geddes Junior Acalanes
Honorable Mention Vera Nguyen Senior Miramonte
Honorable Mention Chase Obsitnik Senior Campolindo
Honorable Mention Anna Mooradian Junior Campolindo

Girls Tennis Foothill Division
First Team Singles Analese Ruczynski Junior Acalanes
First Team Singles Soleil Skjorshammer Sophomore Miramonte
First Team Singles Claire Ross Senior Campolindo
First Team Singles Alex Goett Junior Campolindo
First Team Doubles Emma Bonardi Senior, Francesca Restrepo Senior
First Team Doubles Dilara Basegmez Sophomore,
Liesel Hilkemeyer Junior Campolindo
First Team Doubles Kayli Harley Senior, Emily Berkowitz Junior
Second Team Singles Martha Burns Junior Acalanes
Second Team Singles Sophia Raldugina-zhu Freshman Campolindo
Second Team Singles Riley George Senior Miramonte
Second Team Singles Denisa Dvorakova Senior Miramonte
Second Team Doubles Alison Rhee Sophomore, Audrey Kosla Freshman
Second Team Doubles Avery Bahl Senior, Marecla Wisniewska Junior
Honorable Mention Elena Sullivan Junior Miramonte
Honorable Mention Marissa Karver Senior Campolindo
Honorable Mention Ella Morris Senior Acalanes

Girls Volleyball Foothill Division
Mvp Amber Chu Junior Miramonte
First Team Audrey Baumer Senior Campolindo
First Team Emma Johnson Senior Acalanes
First Team Natalie Kurtz Senior Miramonte
First TeamJulia Berg Junior Miramonte
First Team Britney Soun Junior Campolindo
Second Team Katelyn Olin Junior Acalanes
Second Team Samantha Brouhard Junior Campolindo
Second Team Nicole Tuszynski Sophomore Miramonte
Honorable Mention Jade Profilio Sophomore Acalanes
Honorable Mention Casey Roy Senior Miramonte
Honorable Mention Olivia Wiseman Junior Campolindo

Boys Water Polo Foothill Division
Mvp Brody Crouch Senior Campolindo
Outstanding Goalie West Temkin Senior Campolindo
First Team Luca Rago Senior Campolindo
First Team Grant Roesch Junior Campolindo
First Team Owen Younger Senior Campolindo
First Team Donovan Davidson Senior Miramonte
First Team Charlie Engs Junior Miramonte
First Team Owen Van Stralen Senior Miramonte
First Team Will Stryker Senior Miramonte
First Team Christian Gotterup Junior Acalanes
First Team Harrison Labrosse Junior Acalanes
Second Team Grant Kurtz Sophomore Miramonte
Second Team Henry Engs Sophomore Miramonte
Second Team Tommy Richards Senior Campolindo
Second Team Nate Rego Senior Campolindo
Second Team Bardia Koopah Senior Campolindo
Second Team Kyle Rosenblatt Senior Acalanes
Second Team Eli Berkowitz Senior Acalanes
Second Team Andrew Sappal Junior Acalanes
Honorable Mention Thomas Colpo Junior Campolindo
Honorable Mention Matteo Petty Junior Miramonte
Honorable Mention Austin Bishop Junior Acalanes
Girls Water Polo Foothill Division
Mvp Meghan Mcaninch Junior Miramonte
Outstanding Goalie Lindsay Lucas Senior Miramonte
First Team Maggie Hawkins Senior Campolindo
First Team Kaia Levenfeld Junior Campolindo
First Team Ana Pieper Sophomore Campolindo
First Team Heidi Heffelfinger Senior Acalanes
First Team Audrey Cox Junior Acalanes
First Team Dania Innis Junior Miramonte
First Team Ally Lurie Junior Miramonte
First Team Shannon Murphy Senior Miramonte
Second Team Sara Archer Junior Acalanes
Second Team Olivia Williams Sophomore Acalanes
Second Team Anna Painter Senior Miramonte
Second Team Lucy Berkman Junior Miramonte
Second Team Tali Stryker Sophomore Miramonte
Second Team Grace Clark Senior Miramonte
Second Team Paige Chivers Senior Campolindo
Second Team Shayne Clancy Junior Campolindo
Second Team Lauren Lacour Junior Campolindo
Honorable Mention Wendy Heffelfinger Sophomore Acalanes
Honorable Mention Ava Jacuzzi Junior Campolindo
Honorable Mention Ally Smith Senior Miramonte

Boys Basketball Foothill Division
Mvp Aidan Mahaney 12 Campolindo
First Team Cade Bennett 12 Campolindo
First Team Tyler Dutto 12 Miramonte
Second Team Shane O'reilly 11 Campolindo
Second Team James Frye 12 Miramonte
Second Team Caden Breznikar 12 Miramonte
Second Team Matt Radell 12 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Jake Davis 11 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Clay Naffziger 11 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Ben Murphy 12 Miramonte

Girls Basketball Foothill Division
Mvp Karyss Lacanlale 9 Acalanes
First Team Sophie Chinn 9 Acalanes
First Team Karena Eberts 10 Miramonte
Second Team Emily Du 10 Acalanes
Second Team Chloe Breznikar 12 Miramonte
Honorable Mention Dulce Vail 9 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Natalie Barkey 12 Campolindo

Boys Soccer Foothill Division
Mvp - Defensive Daniel Adri 12 Acalanes
First Team Mason Fish 12 Acalanes
First Team Eli Roth 11 Acalanes
First Team Will Ruskin 12 Campolindo
Second Team Jacob Hill 12 Acalanes
Second Team Rhett Skvarna 12 Acalanes
Second Team Nauder Maghsoodnia 12 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Jack Alcalay 11 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Aiden Paul 12 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Mason Fara 12 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Aidan Nelson 12 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Liam Mcglynn 12 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Matt Walner 12 Acalanes

Girls Soccer Foothill Division
Co-mvp - Offensive Mia Colombini 12 Campolindo
Co-mvp - Offensive Ella Colombini 12 Campolindo
First Team Sami Kolin 12 Campolindo
First Team Colette Toubba 11 Campolindo
First Team Ainsley Murphy 12 Campolindo
First Team Rowan Blacklock 12 Miramonte
Second Team Catie Mccauley 11 Campolindo
Second Team Marion Berzansky 12 Campolindo
Second Team Ava Garcia 11 Campolindo
Second Team Julia Hunt 12 Miramonte
Honorable Mention Tahra Minowada 11 Miramonte
Honorable Mention Jada Deitrick 11 Miramonte
Honorable Mention Katrina White 9 Miramonte
Honorable Mention Mylie Jaquet 9 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Mia Polichio 9 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Marissa Karver 12 Campolindo

Acalanes Girls Soccer Valley Division
MVP - Offensive Natalie Means 12 Acalanes
First Team Camryn Salazar 11 Acalanes
First Team Chloe Quintella 11 Acalanes
First Team Tatum Zuber 11 Acalanes
Second Team Jacque Peacock 11 Acalanes
Second Team Addie Bailey 11 Acalanes
Second Team Lauren Yee 12 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Sammy Hess 12 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Taylor Carlin 11 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Nicole Nguyen 9 Acalanes

Boys Wrestling
First Team Weight Class/Name/Year/School
220 Sam Whipple 9 Acalanes
Second Team Weight Class/Name/Year/School
138 Chase Yang 11 Campolindo
170 Walker Johnson 12 Campolindo
Honorable Mention Weight Class/Name/Year/School
106 Ohia Paris 12 Campolindo
145 Lucas Haase 12 Acalanes
182 Gavin Juni 10 Campolindo
220 Shane Harris 10 Campolindo

Girls Wrestling
First Team Weight Class/Name/Year/School
133 Hannah Ripper 11 Miramonte
139 Madison Lee 12 Campolindo
Second Team Weight Class/Name/Year/School
108 Isabelle Lurie 12 Campolindo
128 Camila Baxter 9 Campolindo
145 Piper Lalli 10 Campolindo
152 Isabel Zabronsky 9 Campolindo
162 Olivia Banks 11 Acalanes
Honorable Mention Weight Class/Name/Year/School
113 Natalia Kalas 10 Campolindo
118 Kt Thompson 9 Campolindo

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