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Published December 21st, 2022
Reorganization of new Town Council sees Sos as mayor, Onoda as vice mayor

Moraga's Dec. 14 reorganization of the town council was a cordial experience with much goodwill expressed through various speeches and comments by all involved.
Although outgoing Council Member Sona Makker's appointed term was short, her heartfelt exiting comments were that of a seasoned veteran. "While many of my views shifted because of working with all of you through gaining practical experience sitting on the other side and hearing how difficult and challenging it can be to make decisions, I think that my perspective evolved and shifted by my approach.
"I have tried to maintain the same, which is that I hope that I could bring a leadership style of focusing and an eye towards kindness, listening, and progress; and I think all of you allowed me to continue to do that and be myself, while also continuing to learn." Makker also hinted that she is not done serving the community and hopes to do so in the future.
Outgoing Council Member Mike McCluer began his comments with a lot of advice to incoming council members Kerry Hillis and David Shapiro. He also thanked Moraga's many organizations for their wealth of information during his tenure. Also, "Thank you most of all fellow colleagues, town council members and staff. I want to thank the most important group being Moraga residents. The favorite part of my job is talking to the residents on issues, concerns, complaints, and opportunities."
McCluer added, "I came to this job with my principal character and values, and I'm pleased to leave with them intact. I've done my best to be a servant-leader. Someone who leads to serve residents - not their own personal agendas, interests, or politics. Thank you, Moraga. Goodnight and God Bless."
After the administration of the Oath of Office to Hillis and Shapiro, the new council members were seated at the dais.
Before the formality of stepping down as mayor, Steve Woehleke wanted to express a few words to the assembled. "This year has been a bit unusual. We split the year. It wasn't necessarily a very smooth operation that we did, but I think that the year has worked out very well (my perspective). I have very much enjoyed working in our split year - Renata [Vice Mayor Sos] and I. I've found that both of us, especially at least her, practiced professionalism, are respectful of each other, good at communication, and we, to a great extent, operate based upon intent. Not only just the letter of whatever we're dealing with, but what's the intent. I found that historically that's equally important as what the letter says."
Woehleke proceeded to nominate Sos as the next mayor of Moraga. With a unanimous vote Sos, as the new mayor, made a few comments. "This year has been just a shining example of how collaboration, collegiality, professionalism, mutual respect, and the shared commitment to doing what's best for the residents of this town really can serve us well. It's been absolutely delightful working with you [Woehleke]."
Sos then nominated Council Member Teresa Onoda as vice mayor which was another unanimous decision.? Onoda's comments regarding her new position were short and to the point, "Thank you."
As a newly elected council member Hillis stated, "I want to thank the residents of Moraga. I really appreciate the responsibility and the trust that you have given me, and I commit that I am going to do my best to live up to that over the next four years."
Shapiro likewise thanked those who voted for him. "I look forward to working with everybody. I promise to be a good listener. I promise to be sensitive to all points of view, not to do too much talking, and I hope that at the end of my term, that all of the nice things that you all said to the people who were leaving, you'll say about me: that I was diligent, and that I thought things through, and that I came to good decisions. Thank you."

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