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Published September 27th, 2023
Council approves Livable Moraga Road conceptual design work
Livable Moraga Road Segments 1 - 4 Image Moraga Planning Dept.

The Livable Moraga Road (LMR) project was devised with the intention of creating continuous bicycle and pedestrian safe routes, in addition to improving the aesthetics of the streetscape along two miles of Moraga Road between Campolindo Drive and St. Mary's Road.
Initiated in 2013, the LMR project went through a three-year process of public comments, surveys, information gathering, concepts and alternatives before being endorsed in 2016 by the Town Council. The project was placed on hold due to staff turnover and limited planning resources, but had remained in the Capital Improvement Budget. With funding from the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), the current task at hand is to complete concept level drawings.
"The Planning Department is seeking to reestablish a professional services agreement with Alta Planning and Design to resume and complete the last phase of the conceptual design work on the Livable Moraga Road project," stated Planning Director Afshan Hamid and Senior Planner Brian Horn in their Sept. 13 staff report. "Staff is now seeking approval to complete the remaining technical task of the concept level design drawings. The scope of work would only include completing the conceptual design drawings for up to four of the Livable Moraga Road segments and providing a cost estimate for the construction of the road improvements. Construction level drawings or construction is not proposed at this time."
The four segments included are: Segment 1 - Campolindo Drive to Rheem Boulevard; Segment 2 - Rheem Boulevard to Donald Drive; Segment 3 - Donald Drive to Corliss Drive; and Segment 4 - Corliss Drive to St. Mary's Road.
When the 2016 Town Council approved a final concept, they did so with comments and proposed changes. With respect to Segment 1, "For the time being, no movement of the high visibility crosswalk at the intersection at Woodford Drive and Moraga Road adjacent to Campolindo Drive." Regarding Segment 3, "Remove the proposed central turning lane and restore it to a full southbound travel." And, Segment 4, "Have staff continue to investigate whether there is enough real estate available adjacent to Laguna Creek (West of Moraga Road) for the proposed west side pedestrian/bicycle path to be viable and return to the Town Council with a further report on that segment at a future Town Council meeting."
With the LMR project having sat on a shelf for the past seven years, it is a perfect time for Moraga to dust it off as future development of the Rheem Valley Shopping Center and Moraga Shopping Center roadway improvements begin to appear on the horizon. More importantly, a completed concept would allow staff to seek out grant funding.
On Sept. 13, the Town Council approved the reestablishment of a contract with Alta Planning and Design to resume and complete work of the LMR project in the amount of up to $63,080 with a 15% contingency of $9,462 for a total amount not to exceed $72,542 within a two year period. They also approved the carry forward of $79,000 of Measure J Fund 210 funding from Fiscal Year 2022-23 to Fiscal Year 2023-24 and appropriate $144,000 in Fund 700.

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