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Published October 25th, 2023
Letters to the editor

Litter lessens beauty and causes issues for the Earth

Once a year there is a Coastal Clean-up. This year it took place from 9 a.m. to noon on Sept. 23 and was sponsored by the Friends of the Orinda Creeks.
I was inspired by the number of volunteers who attended. They came from Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda and worked very hard on cleaning up the areas around San Pablo Creek and Orinda, downtown parking lots.
I was disheartened by the amount of litter, including cigarette butts that were removed. There was also a tire, oil and a toy car that were left at the creek.
There are facilities that will recycle tires, oil, and other unwanted items. As the saying goes: "Just Google It" for where to take the items.
Let's make Lamorinda litter free communities.
I believe once the litter hits the ground, it is everyone's responsibility to pick it up. The problem with litter is it does not stay where it falls but is transported by wind to our storm drains, creeks and eventually travels to the Bay and the ocean. We can do this!

Toris Jaeger

Crosses serve a purpose

I have heard complaints of the crosses that dot the hillside next to the Lafayette BART station, and an ongoing movement to take them down. Some claim that they have served their purpose and that they are now just an "eyesore." But as American citizens we have a duty to remember and respect those who have died in service of our country. The crosses on the hillside represent those soldiers who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan, and while the U.S has withdrawn, those lives should never be forgotten. Removing the memory of those who fought for our country, in an attempt to beautify a hill in Lafayette lacks respect. Furthermore, it is only a singular hill, one of few memorials we have in the Lamorinda area. And one of fewer still that directly commemorates the United States' most recent conflict. Yet these crosses are more than just the memory of a singular war, they exemplify Lamorindians gratitude to our veterans and active duty personnel in addition to those who perished and must never be forgotten.

Cooper Chang

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