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Published April 10th, 2024
Marguerite's Theorem: A multidimensional love story
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In this lovely film from France, the International Film Showcase brings you a story of passion and courage. A young woman - remarkably gifted, quite introverted, fiercely focused and determined, but closed off from her emotions. Facing unforeseen challenges that she will ultimately overcome, she opens up like a flower bud in Spring to new dimensions of life, empowering her creativity as a result. This beautiful movie opens in Orinda on April 12 and will run for at least a week.
Marguerite is a math prodigy working on her PhD. She is serious, fixated, and passionate about her research. For three years, she has worked on an undemonstrated theorem or conjecture, exploring a new avenue to crack this impossible nut. Under the supervision of a busy advisor, she is in the final stages of drafting her thesis, but during a preliminary presentation of her findings to a group of professors and students, a new comer spots a critical weakness. Her whole reasoning collapses, undermining three years of work and the prospect of completing her PhD. Confronted with her thesis advisor's aloofness and disinterest, she resigns and jumps head first in a new life, away from the confines of academia and into the realm of the ordinary. At first, the clueless and extremely introverted woman looks like she might have difficulty adapting to her new predicament; but Marguerite is ultimately smart and fearless. She starts thriving in her new life, but will her life passion for theoretical math catch up with her?
Marguerite Theorem is also a love story; Marguerite's break from her powerful but narrow path, at first looking rash and pointless, opens more than one door to her. The movie is ultimately about courage and taking risks, trusting one's instincts, and unapologetic integrity.
The math backdrop of the story is in fact entirely accurate and interesting. Ariane Mézard, a female French mathematician, worked with director Anna Novion on all the math aspects of the movie. The Goldbach conjecture in question in the movie is real, and Mézard is in fact working on it. According to her, she is on a promising path to advance toward its resolution. While the math presented in the movie is beyond complex, it is never an annoyance. What one feels is the quest, the resolve, and what it takes to dedicate one's life to solving theoretical math mysteries. One feels how it can engulf a life, with the joys and miseries that ensue. It is also a marvelously creative process that requires boldness and grit. Marguerite embodies these qualities, adding humor and sensitivity as the movie progresses.
The movie also depicts the ruthless world of academia. Of note is Jean-Pierre Darroussin as Marguerite's advisor, a marvelous French actor known for depicting much sweeter characters, who gives a chilling rendition of a big shot preoccupied mostly by his career, mindlessly crushing whoever or whatever in his way. French-Swiss actress Ella Rumpf gives her intensity and strength to Marguerite, the young mathematician fighting in a highly competitive and mostly male world.
The movie is brought to Orinda Theater by the local non-profit, International Film Showcase. Tickets at www.orindamovies.com/

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